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The Morning Stake: Kingsbury & Miles Discuss Game; Allen Talks Redshirt; More Mayfield Drama

Kliff Kingsbury and Les Miles discuss each other’s team the day before the game. Dakota Allen is thankful for redshirt year he had. Baker Mayfield has now made comments about TCU head coach Gary Patterson.

Could They Be Any More Complimentary of Each Other?

That’s some of the video, the entire presser is transcribed NOLA’s Jim Kleinpeter.

Coach Kingsbury: “I think there are a lot of similarities going on, actually, just getting to know him and being around him. I’ve known him a long time since I used to play against Oklahoma State. I’ve always been a big fan of the way he carries himself. I know a lot of coaches that have worked for him speak highly of him and the way he does things. So there are a lot more similarities than you think.”

Coach Miles: “I have to be very honest with you, I think I’d enjoy, and I told him that at the luncheon, I think I’d enjoy being coached by him. He represents coaching like he did as a player. Except for being tall and having a lot more hair, I think there are a lot of similarities.”

Do you think your approaches could be more different?
Coach Miles: “Now there’s a good question (laughing). To be honest with you, I think what we’ve done at LSU, what we’ve done really year after year is looked at the style of personnel that we have and tried to maximize it. I think that anybody that has success, offense, defense or special teams, that’s what you do. I think you can come with a bias — in other words, offensively or defensively — and something that you want to play with, but I think ultimately it’s about the players that you have and making them successful within your scheme.”

Coach Kingsbury: “Yeah, I agree. Like I said, when he was in the Big 12 he ran a more open-style, spread-type attack, and he’s now at LSU, has an incredible defensive line, great running backs, great secondary, so he’s playing to his strengths and adapting to his personnel. That’s a sign of a great coach.”

I like Les Miles’ laugh.

Notebook. LAJ’s Don Williams has his notebook where he writes about the following:

  • Texas Tech and LSU have different styles and try to play to the strengths of their respective teams.
  • When Leonard Fournette found out that LSU was playing Texas Tech, he finished his nap.
  • Jared Kaster says that it is important that Texas Tech plays fast.

Washington Ends Texas Tech Career Where He Served Concessions. LAJ’s Don Williams talks to RB DeAndre Washington about how during high school he would serve concessions at Reliant Stadium and finish his college career at home:

During a season in which he’s climbed to fifth on the Tech single-season and career rushing charts and achieved first-team All-Big 12 recognition, Washington will come full circle when he closes his college career back home on Tuesday night. He expects the Washington family and friends “to be in full effect,” about 50 or 60 strong.

Yes, that means something.

“Without a doubt,” he said. “To be able to finish it where they raised me and to do it in front of some of the people who’s been supporting me over the years, it’s definitely a good feeling to finish my collegiate game here.”

Jett Duffey with Greg Tepper. Greg Tepper and Max Thompson has Jett Duffey on the radio/podcast yesterday after Duffey was named Mr. Texas Football by Dave Campbell.

Redshirt Pays Off for Allen. The Observer’s Joshua Koch writes about LB Dakota Allen returning home for the bowl game and Allen also talks about how he improved his game sitting out his redshirt year:

“I learned a lot,” he said. “I learned film is very important once you get to this level. Film wasn’t really that big of a thing in high school. Also you have to work hard, lift weights, run a lot and be in shape for the Big 12. Because they’re going to do hurry up so you have to be in shape. So I definitely learned a lot of things.”

When the news came down that Dakota was going to be redshirted, it wasn’t just an interesting position Dakota was in but also his father Keith.

Since Dakota was little, football had always been a part of their routine, but with him sitting out a year, Keith just knew his time would come.

“It was real unique with him not playing,” Keith said. “Everything happens for a reason. That’s what I told him. Wait and when your number comes you have to be ready to go.”

Patterson Responds to Mayfield Drama. Holy smokes. I’m pretty sure this may never end with Mayfield. To catch everyone up, Baker Mayfield said he felt slighted when he was not offered a scholarship by TCU. Bonnie Bernstein posted Gary Patterson’s response on Facebook:

Just spoke with TCU coach Gary Patterson, who, while at practice for the Horned Frogs’ Alamo Bowl match-up vs Oregon, called over the coach who recruited Mayfield, DC Chad Glasgow. “When did we tell Baker Mayfield he wasn’t getting a scholarship?”

“First week of January,” I heard Glasgow respond.

Patterson: “I like Baker Mayfield. I think he’s a good kid and that’s what disappoints me.

“If Baker Mayfield wants to blame TCU for 128 BCS schools not offering him a scholarship, that’s fine. But ask Kliff Kingsbury why he didn’t offer him a scholarship at Texas Tech. Ask about Baker’s dad [James]. He’s an arrogant guy who thinks he knows everything. If people knew the whole story, they might not have a great opinion of Baker or his father.”

“Remember what was going on then. Casey Pachall was in alcohol rehab, we already had Trevone [Boykin], Tyler Matthews was an early commit. When we knew we were getting Casey back, there just wasn’t a need. This stuff happens all the time.”

Patterson also reflected back on TCU’s 2014 upset of Oklahoma, suspecting that Mayfield, who played under Frogs’ OC Sonny Cumbie at Tech the previous season, was stealing TCU’s signals for the Sooners. “Baker’s been out for us for awhile.”

We had a ton of Oklahoma fans show up a week or so ago and thought that Mayfield was telling the truth when he was told that he wasn’t going to get a scholarship . . . ever . . . from Texas Tech and Kliff Kingsbury. That Kingsbury was all but lying about how things went down. I think the main problem is the fact that the Big 12 wouldn’t give Mayfield another year of eligibility, which is a Big 12 rule. What did happen was that Mayfield essentially left in the middle of bowl practices and the scholarship would have happened for Mayfield, if he wanted it, at Texas Tech. Just throwing this out there, but maybe, just maybe, Mayfield doesn’t tell the entire truth about a situation sometimes. There is also the thought from OU fans that Mayfield is being asked about these situations, i.e. it’s not his fault.  Sometimes the “no comment” goes a long ways if you don’t want to make a big deal about something. And he appears to thrive off of being so angry at Kingsbury and Texas Tech and TCU and just about anyone else. That sort of anger can only take you so far, and maybe it will take Mayfield to a championship. It won’t be because he thinks he’s been dismissed (he was never dismissed, he chose the path he’s on), it’s because Oklahoma is a pretty good team. Mayfield is awfully bitter about his situation, for whatever reason, he’s taken out a ton on Kingsbury and lots of folks and could have just been grateful to be where he’s at.

Miscellaneous. SB Nation’s Bill Connelly previews the game and thinks that Fournette will get his yards, but thinks that DeAndre Washington could get his yards too . . . SI’s Zac Ellis previews the game and thinks that Texas Tech scores 13 points for the entire game . . . LAJ’s Nicholas Talbot has his match-ups for the game . . . EDSBS has a podcast to preview the game . . .


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