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The Morning Stake: January 8th

Yesterday was a good day as Luke Siegel got to come home. Jaelene Hinkle on the USWNT. Basketball notes, including Toddrick Gotcher, Keenan Evans and Bill Self. A new special teams rankings for football.

  • Jaelene Hinkle on the US Women’s National Team

  • Gotcher is Red Raider Club Scholar-Athlete of the Month.
    Congrats to a special student-athlete, Toddrick Gotcher, who was named this month’s Red Raider Club Scholar-Athlete of the month:

    One of Gotcher’s professors, Dana Massengale, says he has worked hard to get to the point where he is now.
    “Toddrick worked very hard all throughout his program,” Massengale said. “I think it was harder for him than others because he had extra things going on like athletics and the other things that he does, but he always does great. He showed exemplary work throughout the whole thing.”

    Once Gotcher graduates with his second masters degree, he plans on pursuing a career in athletic administration to become an athletic director.

    Massengale says he would be a perfect fit in an athletic administration role.

    “I’m hoping after graduation he goes into athletic administration. We need more people like him, not only does Toddrick show great leadership, he has very good strong ethics and he would be great in that area.”

    Toddrick is one of the best. Appreciate what he’s doing as a representative for Texas Tech.

  • Self Talks Texas Tech. Kansas Coach Bill Self talks about the upcoming game with Texas Tech and about the Red Raiders:

    It’s the same team as last year. I think they’re just older. I could be wrong. I think they took a foreign trip this summer, I could be wrong. With that, you get the extra time together to bond as a team. Their players individually have gotten a lot better, too.

    Tubby will will them to be better and will them to be good. But they’re really a nice team. They’re definitely an NCAA-tournament potential team. You look at their RPI, what were they, fourth or fifth in the RPI in the country. Strength of schedule as well, under 15 or 20, something like that. Yeah, they’ve improved a ton.

  • Keenan Evans Learns to Lead.

  • Special Teams Were Pretty Good. Pretty interesting stuff from Football Study Hall, a good look at special teams and ranks the special team units. Of all things, and you just might be surprised at how they weight what’s important special teams. Of all things, Texas Tech is 5th in all special team units. Some of you somewhat complained about the lack of a punt return, but punt returns were only weighted at 3% of the total value of special teams.
  • This is Ridiculous. Cats and dogs. Aggies and Longhorns. Via the Chron, Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp wrote a scathing response to an article written by Chip Brown. Normally, you would think that a chancellor would be above stuff like this, but apparently Sharp is not about calling Chip Brown a piece of dog shit. That’s something only bloggers and peopel on Twitter are supposed to do.
  • Scout’s DFW Class 5A All-Area Team.Via TheOldCoach’s Matt Stepp has his 5A DFW area team, with Jett Duffey as the player of the year, wide receiver T.J. Vasher at wide receiver and first team along with offensive linemen Jack Anderson.

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