Get to Know the Advertiser: Kurt Hogaboom of Village Villas

Get to know another one of Staking The Plains advertisers, Kurt Hogaboom from Village Villas.

Every Red Raider has a story and because the the three advertisers have been so terrific about advertising, I wanted to know a little bit about the story behind the advertiser.

1. When did you graduate from Texas Tech, what was your major and minor?

1978, Major in Chemistry, minor in Microbiology; at that time there was not a Biochemistry department and that was the best way to get biochemistry classes.

2. What was your best memory about Texas Tech?

Too many to describe in a short time; from blinding dust storms and brilliant sun downs, streaking the girls dorms (no co-ed dorms at that time), taking the trip out of town to pick up your weekly beer allowance, intra-mural sports, personal relationships with my professors and classmates in Chemistry, the list goes on . . .

3. What brought/attracted them to Texas Tech in the first place?

I graduated from Amarillo Tascosa and followed several friends to Texas Tech. Not a deep thinker at that time, just went with the flow.

4. What’s your current business occupation?

Business Owner of a Property Management/Vacation Rentals/Motel in Hot Springs Arkansas.

5. I want to hear about your story, how you left Texas Tech and how you arrived at where you are today?

After Texas Tech I was accepted into a graduate school program in Research Pharmacology at West Virginia University. My experience at Tech allowed me to jump right into a project using my chemistry experience. Many publications, abstracts, book chapters, and patents later I received my Ph.D. in 1982. I was accepted into a Post Graduate program at Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals in Molecular Pharmacology. I was able to move to a full time position in research after one year. I stayed with Smith Kline until 2003 and gradually moved from bench scientist, to research manager, to Product Manager, to Sales/Technology Manager, and finally to Clinical Research Director over my 20 + years. I took early retirement and returned to my extended family’s home town of Hot Springs and bought a property management business and a small lakeside motel. I have been the owner of these businesses in Hot Springs since that time.

6. Was there a particular experience with Texas Tech, academic, social or otherwise, that helped you prepare you for what you’re doing today?

Personal relationships with my professors, graduate students and fellow students in Chemistry. Research experience at the bench that gave me a boost in graduate school and great references for the next step.

7. What does it mean to be a Red Raider?

After each home game, I walk/march with the Goin’ Band back to the library. It is a blast and win or lose you are left with a good feeling about the day. The band gathers at the steps of the library and after getting their weekly instructions, the horn section plays and the entire band sings the Matador Song. The spirit captured in that moment can’t be described except that my eyes water up and my throat tightens a bit. That is what I think it means to be a Red Raider!


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