Texas Tech Football Spring Thoughts | Chapter III: Payton Hendrix Makes a Move

We recap the latest from yesterday’s media availability with head coach Kliff Kingsbury.

  • Wanted to get down a few more thoughts on Jalen Reagor’s decommitment. This is always a tough thing for these kids. Guys like Reagor and Tony Brown at Alabama, have obvious Texas Tech ties, their parents attending, while guys like Jack Anderson, Dawson Deaton and Jace Amaro have more of a connection for whatever reason. It’s tough to blame or credit guys all too much. Heck, Brown is currently suspended from Alabama (at least as of January) due to a fight he caused during practice and he’s only a back-up. Sometimes, there’s a reason why things happen. Maybe Reagor comes back in the fold, but the likely scenario is that he doesn’t.
  • Head coach Kliff Kingsbury said that yesterday was a normal practice. It was competitive and better than the first practice with pads. Kingsbury said the guys are excited for spring break. I think this is also a cue that the coaches will be hitting the recruiting trail this weekend and you could see quite a few more offers.
  • When asked what player stood out, Kingsbury mentioned Payton Hendrix of all players and that would be fantastic. Kingsbury said that Hendrix has been all over the field and making plays and Kingsbury expects him to have a larger role this year.
  • Kingsbury also praised Jett Duffey, who he said is making plays and progressing as a true freshman. That’s really encouraging that Kingsbury is mentioning Duffey by name and if there was ever a reason to get to practice sooner, this is it. The coaches can notice you, you get reps in the spring when there is more opportunity for experimentation and there’s just less guys practicing in the spring.
  • Kingsbury also mentioned that the secondary is battle tested and played a lot since while being so young. They’ve essentially grown together. Kingsbury said that coach Karl Scott is devloping relationships with those players and are working to get better.
  • Kingsbury was also asked specifically about D.J. Bray, the receiver turned cornerback who sat out all of last year with an injury. Kingsbury said that Polite’Bray is 195 and more physical than the other cornerbacks and can run. Polite-Bray is my pick to be the surprise of the spring.
  • Kingsbury was also asked about the running back situation and from what I can tell, Justin Stockton appears to be “the guy”, at least for the spring. Kingsbury said that Stockton is getting a lot of reps with the first team. Other guys are working with the first team as well, Quinton White, Demarcus Felton and Corey Dauphine. It seems that Stockton is going to be given a lot of opportunity to be the leader of the team at running back.
  • Kingsbury said that Patrick Mahomes has picked up where he’s left off and that Mahomes has a chance to be as good as he wants to be. Said that Mahomes can be a very special player if he brings the o-line and receivers with him. I think that’s an interesting¬†comment in that Kingsbury said that Mahomes can b great, but he’s got be even better to make sure that the receivers and offensive line can be great as well. Kingsbury mentioned that losing guys like Kaster and Washington are a big deal and I’m guessing those were very big, behind-the-scene voices for the team.
  • Kingsbury is asked about the basketball team and how they’ve been so good. It’s always fun hearing Kingsbury say that he’s a Red Raider through and through. It’s so comforting.
  • One last bit of advice from Kingsbury as spring break approaches: have fun, but no pictures. Don’t document anything.



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