Texas Tech Football | Chapter XI: Ready for Midland Scrimmage

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury talks to the media before the Midland scrimmage.


Kliff Kingsbury

  • Head coach Kliff Kingsbury talked about how veteran players know what a fun atmosphere Midland is with the tailgating and 10,000 people. The team has had good practices and Kingsbury emphasized that it is an excited crowd in Midland and he is excited to see how the team reacts.
  • Kingsbury lavishes praise on the crowd at Midland. Midland should know that you are loved by Kingsbury. He said that everything about Midland has exceeded expectations. Tailgating as far as the eye can see. Midland is great to the players and have a great steak dinner after the scrimmage. I’m curious if anyone knows where the team has the steak dinner and if they stay overnight?
  • Someone asked about what Kingsbury would expect in terms of overall play and as you might expect Kingsbury said that the first scrimmage is a little rough when it comes to penalties, the refs get excited too. Hopefully they can play clean and protect the football and have a smooth scrimmage.
  • Someone asked about how David Gibbs was smiling and if there was a level of comfortability with him laying the groundwork for his second year.

    Kingsbury said that anytime you’re back for a second year and the way he coaches it is the same then everyone is more comfortable. A lot of young players who have that energy and these players are anxious to play and show what they can do. There was also this moment where the footage stops and then picks up. Well, this happened inbetween:

    Question of the day: Is comfortability a word?

  • Back to the interview, Kingsbury staid that there is certainly more anxiety on game day for the players and the coaches as well. For some of the new defensive coaches, they will see the pace that Kingsbury likes to move and how it can be a high stress situation. As more teams move toward a hurry up offense, then this becomes important to practice and play like this. Kingsbury comes back to the thought that the whole Midland trip is incredible. The team is able to to practice traveling, show how to get off the bus, all of the little things that maybe you just take for granted and Midland provides that opportunity. Great for mentally preparing.
  • As to what to expect, Kingsbury said that the offense will be pretty basic, said that they have installed about half of their stuff, but the key will be that the offense will try to push the tempo. Kingsbury wants to push the tempo here as much as possible because they tend to go slower in practice in order to get good film.

Quinton White:

  • Quinton White was asked about going out to Midland and he said that it is a lot of fun and energy. White mentioned that with him being the oldest he hasn’t had a ton of repetitions, but it’s been fun. I find that last part odd, but maybe this is a situation where White just isn’t used to answering questions. And I’m not blaming White here or anything like that. I actually really like White and wish we’d see more of him on the field, especially as a second back or as a fullback. He’s a talented runner.
  • White was asked about who has been shining and said that Demarcus Felton and Corey Dauphine. Said that Caleb Woodward is at running back. He’s a guy that I haven’t thought of in a while. Woodward was at receiver, but he’s now 6’0″ and 210, which is pretty big. He’ll be a junior this next year, but that’s some pretty good size. White emphasized by saying that everyone is productive.
  • I think White was asked about how he’s changed his game and he said that he’s more physical and also, as the years have worn on, that he’s more unselfish as well. He likes to block and try to be good at everything and was asked if he’s a jack-of-all-trades and he said yes.
  • White’s favorite part of the scrimmage is the meal. Steak, mashed potatoes mac and cheese. I guess I didn’t realize that they did this, but I’m glad that they do. That’s terrific to treat the players.
  • As far as new running back coach, DeShaun Foster, White said that Foster harps on ball security and is big on brotherhood. Everyone sticks together. Wants you to get that extra 5 yards. He says you have to practice how you play. White was also asked about Foster being in teh NFL and he’s shown them pictures of how to use that off-arm stiff-arm, but knows that he’s been there and done that.
  • Biggest thing we’ll see from the running backs during the scrimmage? Touchdowns. No fumbles, only touchdowns.



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