Texas Tech Hoops – The Tubby Show

Here is a timeline of the Tubby departure and my thoughts…

Last week I had a strange feeling when Josh Pastner left Memphis for Georgia Tech. I wrote to Seth and the other contributors on STP to ask if we should be worried about Memphis going after Tubby Smith. My worries were calmed with nobody thinking it could be a possibility.

Then I woke up on Saturday and did a search for Tubby Smith on twitter and came across an article that caught my attention…

The responses I got back were just as stout in the stance that Tubby Smith would be our coach to stay at Texas Tech…

So, I was thinking that I should throw out all those fears of a coach leaving that had the Red Raiders basketball program on the rise nationally. There was no way that a guy like Tubby Smith would burn Tech nation and bolt for more money somewhere else. My thoughts were to get the man paid and get the contract extension done before anymore BS reports came through about another program trying to poach our beloved coach.

I was wrong and we had a roller coaster of a week while we waited to see if Memphis would close a deal with Tubby Smith, or he would take a deal from Kirby Hocutt to get paid…

BAM, just like that we are not building a monster anymore at Texas Tech. Being a basketball fan for the Red Raiders sucks right now, but we are always disappointed so this is honestly not a huge shock to me. My gut was right last week. I knew it would happen, and tried to be in denial.

I am probably supposed to say that I am alright with this and Tubby Smith moved on to a “better” basketball program, and wish him well as he packs up and leaves Lubbock. But, honestly I am pissed right now. I feel like Tubby Smith came in and used Tech as a stepping stone to get to a “better” program. He did great things here, but the plan was always to catch on somewhere after Minnesota gave him the boot. For him to build something temporarily until something better came along. I feel dirty.

One thing to keep in mind is that basketball is second fiddle at Texas Tech to football. I hope the next basketball coach we get is a great hire, and wants to put the Red Raiders on the map. I hope the players that just got us into the Big Dance don’t start transferring. There are a lot of things that could go wrong, but I won’t worry about it until it all unfolds. I hope for the best. I knew it all along and will continue to keep my Guns Up until the day I die. Wreck ’em Tech!


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