2016 Texas Tech Fan Survey

Participate in a Texas Tech fan survey to gauge your level of confidence in four of the major sports.

Our friends over Pistols Firing Blog have been doing a fan survey for a handful of years and I thought it was time for me to try this out this year and see how it goes. This is a lengthy fan survey, so carve out about 20 minutes for you to complete it.  The idea here is that I wanted to get an idea as to the state of the football team before the season begins and to also get an idea as to what you think the state of four of the sports: football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball and baseball. I just didn’t have time to do other sports. With a little better planning, I bet I can include more items next year. If anyone wanted to post the link to the survey (not fishing for links, don’t even have to link to this post, just to the survey which is hosted on Google) on other forums, I wouldn’t be upset. The more results the better.  It will probably take a week or so for me to compile the results and I’ll close voting on Saturday.

2016 Texas Tech Fan Survey (click here to take the survey)


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