2016 Texas Tech Fan Survey Results: Part II, Men’s and Women’s Basketball

This is the second round of the survey results. Here are the results from the football portion of the fan survey. Today, we take a look at what you all thought about the men’s and women’s basketball teams.


Little puzzled by the nearly 39% that are right in the middle with your assessment of the basketball team. Thought this would be higher.

Generally speaking, Beard gets high marks for the job he’s done thus far. Of course, it’s difficult to judge since he hasn’t coached a game thus far, but he has done a good job with the recruiting aspect I think.

I’m surprised that it was this close, with Justin Gray getting nearly 32% of the votes, with Zach Smith earning 35%. Personally, I do think that Gray is the most talented of the bunch in terms of what he can do offensively, but Smith has leaping ability and defensive ability that’s off the charts.

I think you all got this correct, Texas Tech should be anywhere between 20+ and 25+ wins.

Basically, there’s a range of 6th through 3rd that seems the most dominant among you all, which I think is accurate. I don’t think they’ll be elite, but they should be pretty good.

Definitely think this team is NCAA bound. That’s a large group of you.

Lady Raiders

I think you all are correct in that you want to start seeing improvement. It’s time to start winning some games, at least get to .500+ and win some conference games.

Whitaker needs to make a move here. Maybe the foreign trip will help with some cohesion and getting to play together before the season starts.

I think you all nailed it with the number of games that the team wins, somewhere between 15+ and 20+.

Really all over the map with most of you thinking that the Lady Raiders finish in the 7th or 8th range, early 40% total.

Most of you don’t think that the Lady Raiders will be able to make the jump to some sort of post-season this year, but I think there’s a chance they get into the NIT. Just depends so heavily on the transfers and how they do.

Without question, it seems like Japreece should get the call here, CookTaylor is very good and can’t wait to see more of Caldwell.

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