Tweets, Vines and GIF’s: Texas Tech 69, SFA 17

Photo via Garrett Heath @ Flickr

Yeah, all of the important stuff.

Photo via Garrett Heath @ Flickr

Figure someone might need this for some reason.

From the UCLA vs. TAMU game . . . Wreck’Em.

I’ll take one.

Needs to be said.

1st Touchdown of 2016.


This is where you flex. Yeah, just go ahead and stand up and flex.

These are neat, but I see no reason for anyone to wear a sleeve unless it’s really cold outside (like really cold).

Gonna sneak this in, right here, the volleyball tteam has won 4 matches in a row.

She’s beautiful.

4th and 1 and a stop.

I can’t remember Keenon Ward being in position like this and being fluid enough to make this sort of play. Just terrific.

Apply this to any touchdown.

Usually some terrific photos here.

Sneaking in another non-football tweet.

A little love for the defense (nevermind that the ball was turned back over shortly thereafter).

Someone is going to start moving some stuff.


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