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The Morning Stake: September 21st

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original-double-t The Red Raiders start conference play at TCU tonight.


original-double-t I don’t know what the heck this is, but it looks cool as hell.

original-double-t Kingsbury and Gio break down the double reverse flea flicker for a touchdown.

original-double-tESPN’s Mitch Sherman and Jake Trotter debate whether or not Patrick Mahomes is a legitimate Heisman candidate and this is a funny thing. Someone will need to define what “legitimate” actually is and the Heisman has morphed from the best player in college football to the best player in college football on the best team. Thus, Mahomes probably isn’t a legitimate candidate because the way the award has changed, not because Mahomes isn’t out of this world.

original-double-tLAJ’s Don Williams has his notebook that recaps yesterday’s media availability and head coach Kliff Kingsbury said that the eleven true freshman that have played should be it, meaning that in addition to Joe Wallace, this is the the extent of the redshirts taken off:

The other 10 who are playing comprise three linebackers, three defensive backs, two offensive linemen, a wide receiver and a running back. Those are linebackers Jordyn Brooks, Brayden Stringer and Johnathan Picone; defensive backs Douglas Coleman, Kevin Moore and Desmon Smith; offensive linemen Travis Bruffy and Bailey Smith; wide receiver T.J. Vasher and running back Da’Leon Ward.

The curious one is the Da’Leon Ward, the freshman running back who has seen time at special teams, especially in light of last night’s commitment of Tyree Range (more on that later).

original-double-tRRS’s Will McKay also recaps the yesterday’s media availability from yesterday, the most surprising aspect is that freshman WR T.J. Vasher has some growing up to do and that he has to mature. That’s a bit surprising, but maybe it shouldn’t be. Kingsbury also talked about his defense and his expectations:

-Kliff was asked about his defense and what he wants to see them really focus on and work on with the bye week: “I think we’ve just got to be consistent throughout the game. There are times that I thought they played really well and dominated. We got out to a 35-10 lead, and you can’t let that touchdown late in the half, and you can’t let them open up with one, with two touchdown drives that took, I don’t know, maybe a combined 30 seconds. So, consistency is the thing. You can’t have high highs and low lows.”

-Kingsbury went in to further detail on what he wants from his defensive players: “I’d like to see them just have that mindset from snap one to snap 30 or however many reps they get. Consistent play. Don’t let anything easy out. Don’t give up anything easy.

original-double-tLAJ’s Don Williams talked with OG Paul Stawarz, who said he lucked out at being at Texas Tech:

“I love it here,” Stawarz said this week. “I’m probably going to stay once college is over with. I really like the Austin and Dallas area. It’s really nice. From what I’ve seen, I love Texas.”

He lined up a couple of Texas-bred roommates, fellow Tech linemen Cody Wheeler and Luke Heitshusen from Allen, and is picking up Texas habits.

“I’ve actually become a pretty good barbecuer, a pitmaster,” Stawarz said. “I have a smoker in my backyard. That’s something I like to do on the weekends when I have time.”

original-double-t Miscellaneous . . . Land Grant Gauntlet’s Patrick Mayhorn has what he learned from week 3 in the Big 12 . . . from Chris Ross at LGG are the week 4 power rankings and also the uniform rankings in which a certain team in white got the top spot . . .


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