Practice Report: Injury Update

An injury update to the Texas Tech football team.

Kliff Kingsbury: I believe he was in a normal jersey today, should be ready to go (could not catch who Kingsbury was talking about here, but think it was Kris Williams) . . . ( re. Patrick Mahomes) it was I guess if he says he’s ready to go, I obviously had the final call, I watched him warm up, he said he didn’t feel any pain, I wish we would have found a way to get him reps the second week and I probably did a bad job of that, but this is the second week of finding him reps and that should show on Saturday . . . really challenged the inside receivers just hard work in the offseason, just asked them to step up they are all getting a ton of snaps all about the work they put in the offseason . . . he has stepped up, we challenged him, we knew he was dynamic, when we ask you to block, you have to do it . . . I’m thinking the next week for Dylan Cantrell and Derrick Willies, didn’t do to much this week, we’re not going to rush it if they don’t feel 100% . . . . Douglas Coleman is back full go . . . Quinton White should be available this week . . . Michael Barden with lots of touchbacks, he stepped up and has been solid, proud of him for stepping up in that department . . . ( re. DaLeon Ward) going back to the DFW area, he’s excited to go back, we’ll continue to rotate those guys, just having a more physical back, there’s definitely a role . . . D’Vonta Hinton, was out there today, had a blue jersey on, hopefully by tomorrow, he’ll be a full go . . . when (Hinton) he’s on and he’s into it, he’s a physical player, when he’s not, it’s not as good, we’ve got to get him more consistent . . .

Those quotes about Hinton are a bit telling.

Also, to summarize the injury situation, it appears that Kris Williams, D’Vonta Hinton and Douglas Coleman will all be back this week, but not so sure about Derrick Willies and Dylan Cantrell, most likely, they won’t be back until the Texas game.

original-double-t LAJ’s Don Williams files his notebook for the media availability and in addition to the above, also talked to Keenon Ward about his return to play after fracturing his forearm:

“My snaps were limited, which I knew they would be,” Ward said, “but I felt good. I feel like I played pretty well. I was pretty proud of myself.”

I thought he played well too and coming back so quick says a lot about his character.

original-double-tRRS’s Will McKay also recaps the media availability and also talked with Jah’Shawn Johnson and Malik Jenkins and Jenkins confirmed that the team was continuing their physical practices:

“I think everything keeps getting better. We continue to go with the schedule that Coach Kingsbury made for us last week, and I just think it’s better, more physical, so I’m enjoying it, and I think the rest of the defense and team is enjoying it as well.”


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