Roster Snapshot: Quarterback

It’s most likely the Nic Shimonek Show in 2017.

No. Player Position Ht/Wt Year
10 Payne Sullins Quarterback 6-2/180 Junior
18 Colt Garrett Quarterback 6-1/180 RS Freshman
16 Nic Shimonek Quarterback 6-3/220 Senior
6 McLane Carter Quarterback 6-3/220 Sophomore
3 Xavier Martin Quarterback 6-0/175 Freshman

I think the pecking order will be Shimonek, Carter, Sullins / Martin / Garrett. I’m never certain about how the staff feels about freshmen quarterback, the preference is to not to play them if at all possible, but if forced into action, then pull the trigger. I don’t know if the staff will feel differently about Martin, but if it were me, I’d give Martin third string reps. We’ll get to more of Martin in a minute.

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Shimonek is a bit different than Mahomes, maybe more Webb than anything else from the standpoint that Shimonek is more of a pocket passer than anything else. I hope that Shimonek’s trigger is as quick as Webb’s and I think that will be the case. I really do expect Shimonek to be just fine. He won’t be perfect and like any other quarterback, at some point in the season, folks will be clamoring for Carter or Martin to get into the game, but that’s the nature of things. Shimonek will most likely be the first Power Five quarterback with complete sleeves by the time the season starts (I’m joking about this, but he does have a big new tattoo on his right forearm) and I’m totally good with this. I expect Shimonek to be a high completion percentage quarterback and the offense won’t be as good as last year on third down, but I hope that the team will be better on 1st and second (looking at you offensive line and not getting penalties).

Carter should be the back-up only because he’s played more quarterback that Martin and just as much as Sullins. Carter does need to work on his progressions and that will need to happen relatively quickly for him to get acclimated. Watching his film, he does key on his first option and that will work for a total of 15 passes against a Big 12 team. I think he’ll be fine, but he’s got work to do. I do love his mobility and it’s really pretty surprising how well Carter runs at the JUCO level. In fact, he averaged about 25 yards a game, that’s always good to be on the positive end of things.

Martin is very raw, but he adds a completely different element to the game. He’s only played quarterback for two years, a lot like Patrick Mahomes. Martin doesn’t have the arm that Mahomes does, but Texas Tech hasn’t seen someone with Martin’s wheels at quarterback . . . maybe ever. And he really could be completely different than what weve ever seen. Martin *only* averaged 148 yards a game passing with 22 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. but he also had 728 yards rushing, nearly 50 yards a game and 10 touchdowns. I think Kingsbury will think completely outside the box with Martin and I’m really interested to see what he ends up doing with Martin. And there is also the thought that martin could get looks at other spots and I don’t know where he’d pus someone else out of playing time at inside receiver. Could he end up playing running back? Well, I guess, he would be a bit thin, but he’s just 5 pounds lighter than Da’Leon Ward.

I’ve got nothing on Sullins or Garrett, I watched their film some time ago, but we’re hoping that the ony players that see time this next year are Shimonek and Carter, in mop-up duty.

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