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The Morning Stake: January 31st

Dan’s About to Talk to An Astronaut

That’s right, Dan will be talking with an astronaut and visiting NASA on Wednesday and going to interview astronauts Peggy Whitson and Shane Kimbrough. This is a big deal. Dan applied and used Staking The Plains as part of a website to report his day at NASA. If you could all promote the heck out of Dan on Twitter and Facebook, we’d be much appreciated.

Campus Photos

Totally Texas Tech with some new campus photos. Lots of stuff happening.

Track & Field

Red Raider Basketball


Congrats Wes!

Octavious Morgan and Tony Jones on their journey to Texas Tech.

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The LAJ talked with LB Riko Jeffers and how he’s ready to sign with Texas Tech:

Not that Jeffers flew under any radar. He had at least 20 scholarship offers, including ones from Mississippi State and Oklahoma State, but he was a relatively easy sell for Texas Tech. Despite his large number of options, Jeffers committed to Tech in October and used only two of his five allotted official visits, to see Kansas State and Tech.

“When I was a kid, I always loved Texas Tech,” Jeffers said. “Plus, when I got up there and got to be around the coaches, I could just feel the family bond out there. Me and the relationship I have with (linebackers coach Zac) coach Spavital just sold everything.”

Miscellaneous . . . RRS’s Kolt Rogers has a timeline from the start of the 2014 class until the near-end. This starts in 2014 and goes until today . . .


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