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The Morning Stake: February 28th

I’m taking my annual spring weekend away this weekend. I’ll be totally away from the computer from Friday through Sunday with very little internet access. Well, I’ll have access so long as I walk down the road to get service. I won’t be able to update the baseball weekend and it will be the start of spring practices for football as well as junior day. It’s going to be a busy weekend, but I’m sure you all will hold down the fort for me.


Lady Raider Basketball


D1Baseball and Baseball America each released their most recent top 25, D1Baseball moves up to #10 and Baseball America stayed put at #21.


 The London Free Press in Canada catches up with former Red Raider basketballer Dejan Kravic as he’s rehabbing a knee injury and reflects on his career.


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NFL’s Mike Mayock says that Patrick Mahomes is a quarterback on the rise and is “picking up steam in NFL circles”:

“He’s different. He’s a gunslinger, he’s got an innate feel for the game,” Mayock said. “The more I look at him, the more I push him higher and closer to that first-round conversation with (DeShone) Kizer, (Deshaun) Watson and (Mitch) Trubisky. Mahomes is picking up steam in NFL circles.”

I re-tweeeted a couple of things last night that essentially said that media folks that say that a player is rising is really just the media catching up to what NFL scouts think.

CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora talked with Mahomes and his godfather LaTroy Hawkins about Mahomes’ up-bringing and Hawkins and Mahomes’ relationships:

“We always tried to set a really good example for him,” said Hawkins, who can recall sharing an apartment with baby Patrick and his parents in Puerto Rico in winter league baseball and running to the Burger King across the street to get him fries in the middle of the night. “And keep him not in a cocoon, but to try to keep our circle tight. And we’ve definitely been able to do that, because he’s not one of those guys who is going to go out looking for people to validate that he is good enough. He doesn’t need that. We don’t have an entourage. We’re not about that.

“And he understands that and he’s a lot like me. His daddy always said, ‘That boy acts just like you.’ And you do have to safeguard yourself from some people who want to leach on you or bring you down or influence you not to do the right thing, and Patrick has done a great job of that.

“We always reinforce what the plan is and having the right people to help implement it with you, and I’ve always talked to him about taking care of your body, because your body is your temple, and if you take care of your body you are maximizing your God-given talent … And He’s one of those kids who retains so much information. He has like a photographic memory — once you tell him something he’ll never forget it.”


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