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The Morning Stake: March 15th




Red Raider Basketball

Texas Tech has offered Klein forward Cedric Alley (6’7″ and 215). I don’t know a ton oabout Alley other than Klein was undefeated before facing Skyline in the state tournament.


Womp. Womp. After receiving votes to be as high as #4 in the country yesterday, Texas Tech loses to UT-Arlington, 5-1 (Recap | Box Score). The offense only mustered only 2 hits the entire game and John Henry Gonzalez only managed 2 innings before being chased early while giving up 3 runs and taking the loss. The offense just has to be better than this and they’ll have to be better than this in Austin this weekend.


Hear from defensive backs coach Karl Scott, discus Octavious Morgan, Jaylon Lane, Vaughnte Dorse and Willie Sykes to an extent. One other thing, which was that I slowed the tape down long enough to figure out what those tackling rings were for and they’re made by Gilman and they are intended to help promote shoulder tackling or the rugby style tackling. You can watch a YouTube video on the technique.

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ProFootballFocus has their scouting profile on Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes. Here’s some good and bad:

Mahomes is as interesting as a prospect as there is at quarterback that comes with high risk/high reward. His arm is as good as any quarterback in the NFL playing right now. The natural passing instincts as far as sliding and feeling pass-rushers in the pocket, to seeing in front of the throw and adjusting to the type of throw needed, is special. His lack of discipline in the pocket with footwork, bailing on clean pockets, and decision making is a big concern. Some of the bailing on pockets can be attributed to how much β€œrush three drop eight into coverage” he saw, which can lead to playing outside of structure to find passing lanes more often.

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