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The Morning Stake: April 11th

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First pitch is at 2:00 p.m. to finish the mid-week series against New Mexico. The game will be on FOX Sports SW+.

Congrats to Orlando Garcia:

This week’s rankings:

Texas Tech Football

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Inside the Pylon’s Shane Alexander has only one quarterback as a first round grade:

My top rated quarterback, and the only one to receive a 1st round grade from me this year is Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes II. Mahomes is more than just an ultra gunslinger. He is the only QB in this class to pass every threshold I use to measure a QB alongside the tape. While no collection of stats can directly predict NFL success, he passes through all the eliminating factors set before him and has the tools, mental processing, and athletic ability to thrive within and outside the structure of an NFL offense. He is the only QB I would consider in the top half of the first round and I think he’s be the perfect long term option for Cleveland at #12 overall.

Rivals’ Nick Krueger breaks down the top needs for the Big 12 teams and here’s the bit for Texas Tech:

Biggest Need: Defensive linemen

The Latest: Getting tougher and stronger up front defensively is going to continue to be the key point of focus for the Red Raiders until it isn’t anymore. After taking a large group of defensive backs in 2017 to just one defensive lineman in Nelson Mbanasor, the Red Raiders need to make good on landing some of the defensive linemen that they have offered in 2018 such as Tyler Lacy, or perhaps a Shabazz Dotson or Josh Landry – all three are very winnable recruits at this point.


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