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The Morning Stake: April 13th

Texas Tech Softball

Texas Tech Tennis

Texas Tech Baseball

 Baseball America has Texas Tech as the 5th national seed with Arkansas, Nebraska and New Mexico State.

 Congrats to Steven Gingery!

Texas Tech Basketball

Daniel Mading makes it official and signed his National Letter of Intent.

Texas Tech Football

There is a reception in honor Spike Dykes today, doors open at 1:00 p.m. which will air the memorial service on the video screens at the United Supermarkets Arena at 2:00 p.m. and then, following that is the aforementioned receiption to follow. The doors are open to everyone. Also, the students at The Daily Toreador have done as good a job as they can on covering the death of Spike Dykes.

I never knew who was responsible for all of the great video work, but congrats to Chris Velasquez for being named the Big 12 Video Coordinator of the Year!

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In a series of tweets, LAJ’s Don Williams noted that former Texas head coach Mack Brown would be in Lubbock today to speak at Spike Dykes funeral and speak at the Friday service at Horseshoe Bay:

He was one of my best friends, just like Coach Royal and Joe Jamail. He’d become a guy that was like an older brother.

LAJ’s Don Williams lists six players who have been pleasant surprises this spring: OL Travis Bruffy; DE Lonzell Gilmore; S Justus Parker; WR Derrick Willies; DT Zach Barnes; and CB D.J. Polite Bray. Here’s the bit about Parker, but go read the whole thing:

“Give him a bunch of reps and see what he can do,” Gibbs said. “But he’s not disappointed (coaches). The dude’s going to play half the game. It’s not even close. He doesn’t know what he’s doing half the plays, but he’s definitely got the ability to play, and he’s going to play a lot as long as he takes care of business.”

Parker offers some flexibility. He can play safety, and if he continues to emerge in the nickel-back role, it frees up Coleman to be a cornerback candidate again.

Kind of an interesting rule proposal by the NCAA, via FootballScoop, which would essentially requires college to hire that coach as an on-the-field coach or it cannot have recruited a player from that program for two years and for another two years after employment. It is intended to stop the situation where high school coaches are getting hired as a result of the star players on the team.

Land Grant Gauntlet’s Daniel Ross takes a look at the Texas Tech schedule:

In the “should win” category is Eastern Washington, Kansas, and Baylor. Yes, the Red Raiders “should win” just three games. That’s probably shocking to those fond of Lubbock, but it is the reality for a team that is trending down and who just lost their biggest weapon. And while Kansas and Baylor are probable wins, they aren’t guaranteed. It took Mahomes going out against Kansas to spark the Tech offense last year.


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