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The Morning Stake: May 31st

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Yesterday I thought it was odd that head coach Tim Tadlock didn’t talk to the media or have any sort of media availability after Texas Tech was named as the #5 national seed. I’d reckon that Texas Tech may be one of the few programs who made the field of 64 without having any sort of press conference. Well, David Collier responded to me and said that he was told that Tadlock wouldn’t be available until Thursday.

I get all of the reasons why Tadlock may be keeping his players and himself away from the media, but still found not making his players or himself not available a bit odd.

Sold out.

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RedRaiderSports’ Maitland Rutledge walks with incoming offensive tackle Casey Verhulst:

“I’m committed and that’s because when I visited it, I absolutely fell in love with it and once I make a commitment, I’m fully committed. My commitment is definitely a lot more than some other people’s might be.”

Via College Football Talk, TAMU’s AD, Scott Woodward, said that Kevin Sumlin has to win this year:

“Coach knows he has to win and he has to win this year,” Woodward said, without a hint of gray area involved. “We have to do better than we’ve done in the past.”

This sort of pressure really doesn’t help the situation because teams will already be negative recruiting TAMU, this doesn’t help what’s probably already a problematic situation and why I’m fine with Kirby Hocutt keeping these things private.

A former Texas Tech football head coach had some crappy things to say about Lubbock and then the apologized. I really don’t care about him, which is why I haven’t covered this story here (plus I was on vacation when he initially said whatever he said).


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