Let’s Talk About Texas Tech Football’s Projected Win Totals

How many games is Vegas betting that Texas Tech wins?

There are two books that I’ve seen release win totals for all of the teams and that includes Texas Tech. There have been a couple of lines of thought on this, I’m praying for 8 wins but the realistic thought is that Texas Tech is headed to 6 wins. According to Covers They have Texas Tech at 6 wins. Here’s the Big 12 that’s listed (not every team was listed, which is why Baylor, Kansas and Iowa State are not listed, I think because they are lower than 5.5 wins):

Kansas State 7.5
Oklahoma 9.5
Oklahoma State 9
Texas 7.5
Texas Tech 6
West Virginia 7

South Point via VSiN has a quite different look at things, including Texas Tech at . . . 4.5. Yeah, you read that correctly.

Baylor 8
Iowa State 5.5
Kansas 2.5
Kansas State 7.5
Oklahoma 10
Oklahoma State 9
Texas 7.5
Texas Tech 4.5
West Virginia 6

I’m shocked at the Baylor 8 wins and I think I take the under there. They both agree on TCU within a game and Kansas State and Texas are unanimous. Both books expect OU and OSU to be very good. The one team with the biggest disparity is Texas Tech and maybe that shouldn’t be a surprise because I’m as confused as anyone about what this team is capable of doing. A 2.5 1.5 game swing between the books is pretty big and I’m honestly surprised about the 4.5 win total for Texas Tech, but I think that more than all of this is that Vegas just doesn’t know what to think of Texas Tech. No one knows if the defense has improved really at all and the books and writers cannot credit or consider that the defense has improved until Kingsbury has shown that they actually are improved.


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