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The Morning Stake: June 9th

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Sheryl Swoopes is inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame on Saturday!

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Zach Smith jumped 43″ and now Zhaire Smith jumps 42″.

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This cold be good news, via the Spokesman, Eastern Washington offensive coordinator Fred Salanoa resigned and returned to Hawaii because he was homesick. Here’s your new OC for EWU:

Salanoa, the Eagles’ third coordinator in barely a year, was just learning the offense in spring ball. The new interim OC is 30-year-old Bodie Reeder, who less than six months ago was an assistant quarterbacks coach at Oklahoma State.

Via the Kansas City Star, the Kansas City coaches are trying to get the game to slow down for Patrick Mahomes:

“Right now we’re trying to get the game to slow down for him,” Nagy said. “It’s as basic as getting out of the huddle, knowing where everybody is at on our side of the ball and then being able to focus on where the defense is.

“We’re at ground zero right now. We joke around that it’s a piece of clay that you get to mold. You sit here doing fundamentals that you do at the high school level, and that’s OK. No matter who comes in there, we’re going to do that.”

Via the BC Lions’ Matt Baker, we get an update on former Red Raider footballer Micah Awe:

His ability to fly around in different packages has the coaching staff and many other observers intrigued. Despite that recognition and a strong showing in Tuesday’s pre-season opener in Calgary- he chipped in with 3 defensive tackles and added one more on special teams- Awe isn’t close to being satisfied just yet.

“I respect this league a lot. Calgary played hard and we started off a little timid,” said Awe.

“After watching the film I am always so hard myself so I didn’t like my play. After the game I thought I did well, but after watching the film I didn’t like it. I have a lot of room for improvement and I plan on not making the mistakes from the first time and showing the kind of player I am on film.”


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