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The Morning Stake: June 19th

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 I’m changing things a bit in terms of how things appear on Staking The Plains, the general idea is that I’m going to fill the left-hand sidebar (if you’re on the desktop site) where it says “The Latest” with some of the quick-hit sort of things, for example the four commits from Sunday. I’m going to call them “dispatches” because I’m not creative enough to think of a different term.

Not really a full-fledged story, but just something short. The thought here is that I normally post those sorts of stories, like the four commitments, in The Morning Stake and I tend to think that if you’re looking at the site, you have no idea what happened unless you looked at The Morning Stake and actually dig into the post. This way, I’ve got something up and it’s there for you to see and then, at some point, I’ll get profiles up on those four commits. These dispatches may just be a tweet or something short and sweet.

I’m going to start posting The Morning Stakes in the main area of the page.

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Pretty special.

Via Brian McTaggart @, Parker Mushinski has agreed to a slot deal and for $195,300 and will report to Tri-City. Also via, the, from Andy Morgan, Orlando Garcia will also sign with the team that drafted him, the San Francisco Giants. Good luck to both men starting their professional career.

Texas Tech Football

Catch up on some tweets from the weekend.

Raiderland’s Ryan Hyatt stat down with Don Williams to discuss the local media and covering the local media. I haven’t had time to check it out, but they’ve done this before so I bet it’s good.

LAJ’s Nicholas Talbot writes about some of the former footballers who have come back to TXL Sports Training in Lubbock, those footballers are Jakeem Grant, Bradley Marquez, Jace Amaro, DeAndre Washington, Branden Jackson and Pete Robertson:

“The relationship I have with all these guys is something we want to continue and bring these guys back for the community,” Uzzell said. “People in the area still follow them and to be able top bring them back is really big for Lubbock and the South Plains, especially for kids that may not have the chance to see these guys plan an actual NFL game or somewhere else.”


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