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The Morning Stake: June 22nd

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Minor League Baseball in Amarillo

Congrats to the city of Amarillo, who will now have the San Antonio AA team after agreeing to spend $45.5 for a downtown stadium. I never know what to think about these public stadium deals (I’m not even sure that this a public stadium deal) so I’m not sure if this is great news for Amarillo.

Updated Athletic Spending

Β The Texas Tribune has the latest on athletic spending for the 2015 and 2016 year and Texas Tech had expenses of $78,598,577 and had revenues of $77,182,090, which puts Texas Tech in the hole to the tune of $1,416,487. Texas A&M had profits of $57.3 million and Texas had profits of $16.6 million. I’ll do a full report over the weekend, but here is the full report for Texas Tech and you can check out each Texas college (other than the private programs).

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Texas Tech Baseball

Congrats to Orlando Garcia who has signed with the San Francisco Giants for $125,000

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Red Raider Sports’ Will McKay takes a look at what the baseball team will look like next year and he’s not predicting as good as a team as this year, mainly because the bullpen will most likely be weaker and there are some significant bats that will likely not be able to be replicated. I think a lot of this depends on how much some of these freshmen and sophomores (Michael Berglund (who McKay predicts will move to 1st base), Grant Little, Josh Jung, Cody Farhat and Brian Klein) improve and how much of an impact the pitches will actually have.

McKay notes that the left-handed relievers are going to be limited, two freshmen and Dylan Dusek who will hopefully be able to log more inning than he did this year. McKay also predicts that Michael Davis will return, so there’s that:

There are two position moves of note I think are very likely to come down the wire: I believe catcher Michael Berglund will slide out to 1st, as he was actually an infielder coming out of high school and only started catching this last year as a freshman at Tech. It’s a natural move that will help Tech stay solid at 1st defensively while making room for the talent at catcher, whether that be stud incoming freshman Cordell Dunn or sophomore Clay Koelzer, who showed power at the plate and a cannon when attempting to pick off runners.

The other interesting position move I’ve accounted for is Michael Davis sliding over from 2nd to short stop. In fact, the swap almost happened this year, as there was some thought before the season began about moving Garcia to 2nd and Davis to short in February.

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Miscellaneous . . . LandGrant Gauntlet’s Daniel Ross writes that Kansas is set to spend $300 million, not on the basketball program, but on Memorial Stadium and will also include a brand new indoor practice facility . . .


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