WATCH: Cameron Batson is the fastest man in Texas

Yesterday, Texas Tech strength and conditioning head honcho Rusty Whitt tweeted out that Cameron Batson ran three consecutive 4.3 40-yard dashes.

Then the video came after the fact, to document Batson’s achievement. The fastest man in Texas may be an overstatement, but to run three straight 4.3 40-yard dashes is an achievement and to do that when the temperatures were at 107 degrees yesterday (thanks to intrepid Staking the Plains author, LoneStar Red Raider).

The other thing that interested me when listening to the video was that Nic Shimonek won his group as did Lonzell Gilmore. Keep an eye out for Gilmore. I’ve usually been the one that’s beat the drum about how this team needed bigger defensive ends and I think that’s really partly true. You either need strong defensive ends or you need fast defensive ends and I don’t know if Texas Tech had either the past few years. I think that Gilmore can maybe change that path.


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