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The Morning Stake: July 12th

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Who else loves that Jah’Shawn Johnson is wearing a Dominique Wilkins Atlanta Hawks jersey?

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 RedRaiderSports’ Will McKay talked with quarterback Nic Shimonek about how he is ready to prove all of doubters wrong and says that he has no choice but to be confident:

“We put in the work, so we really don’t have a choice but to be confident. We won’t have a game this next year where I step on the field and think we don’t have a chance to win, no matter who we’re playing. That’s just how I was raised. Whether we’re out out-manned, outmatched at certain positions, whatever the case may be. On Saturdays you always have a chance. We’ve seen it happen time and time again. As far as being intimidated or expecting a low number of wins, I wouldn’t put too much thought into that.”

 Also from RedRaiderSports’ Will McKay is some player reaction on the locker room reveal as well as some reaction from running backs coach Jabbar Juluke:

“This was my first time seeing it, and I’ve been in a few, and it’s just as nice as any others that I’ve been in before. The kids deserve it, the university deserves it, and it lets us know that we have growth, that we’re getting better, and that we’re updating our facilities to make sure we’re competing with everyone else, and this is the place to be.”

 LAJ’s Don Williams has a roster snapshot of CB Octavious Morgan and defensive coordinator David Gibbs re-told the story about how Morgan isn’t used to being muscled by someone like Dylan Cantrell:

“It’s probably the first time in his life he’s had somebody grab him and pull him to the ground on a fade ball,” Gibbs said. “He’s used to knocking them out of bounds or he’s used to not even worrying about (the receiver) and going and intercepting the ball. Now he’s got a guy that’s strong enough to pull him down, but he is physical enough that it won’t happen again. It’s good for him.”

 LAJ’s Nicholas Talbot has a notebook from yesterday with topics covered such as Nic Shimonek being mobile than most people think and working on that mobility during the summer, hoping to beat the preseason picks and wanting to win the turnover battle:

“It has proven that if you can protect the ball and take it away you give yourself an exponentially greater chance to win. That is big for coach Kingsbury,” Texas Tech quarterback Nic Shimonek said. “If I throw an interception or fumble the exchange he is all over me. If we can win that we will put ourselves in a position to win.”


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