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The Morning Stake: July 19th

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 Congrats to Keke!

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 Angry Llano news guy received the EDSBS treatment and it’s great in every way.

 Athlon Sports has their fantasy ranking of college quarterbacks and your guy Shim is at #11 and third in the Big 12 to Baker Mayfield (#4) and Mason Rudolph (#5). There’s no shame in that in any way shape or form.

 LAJ’s Don Williams has a snapshot of Bailey Smith, noting that Smith could potentially redshirt this year as there is depth there that wasn’t there last year:

Smith’s intelligence, coupled with a tide of injury-related attrition, was the key factor in his getting onto the field early. He grasped the offense quickly, so coaches plugged him in.

Of course, the Red Raiders have been so thin on the offensive line lately and Kingsbury’s under so much pressure to win, redshirting Smith might become impossible fairly quickly.

The Red Raiders are adding a pair of graduate-transfer offensive linemen, however, with Dwayne Johnson from Nebraska and Jajuan Dulaney from Maryland to improve the numbers up front.

 LAJ’s Talbot also has another article about how Texas and Texas Tech have a similar problem in that need a winning culture and I didn’t so much care about that, but didn’t recall seeing this quote from Kingsbury on Octavious Morgan and Vaughnte Dorsey:

“Vaughnte Dorsey is a sure tackler and a physical guy that we needed back (in the secondary) and Octavious Morgan, too. I was pleased with their development in the spring and through the summer. It is very competitive and they don’t like to lose. They would get beat and want to get that the rep in again and that wasn’t the case in the past.

“This team is just grown-up now and I think if you talk to any of those guys they have been through the ringer. They feel it is their time to have a turn, and I think they have embraced it. They are a proud group. No one thought last year was acceptable.”

 LAJ’s Nicholas Talbot writes about how Texas Tech and Kingsbury have allowed the university to handle the situation with Jett Duffey, but Talbot says that Texas Tech made it difficult to obtain the records:

But, Tech did not make it easy to get the records involved in Duffey’s Title IX ruling. They fought it tooth and nail, taking the disposition letter to the Texas Attorney General and then trying to get the attention of the Department of Education in order to not disclose it was Duffey who sued the university using the pseudonym John Doe.

Tech only released the information — which otherwise is easily obtained within a few days — at the request of A-J Media’s attorney — more than 10 days after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton ordered the university to do so.

Talbot says that Duffey really should have transferred and says that Kingsbury’s indecision, just letting the university decided the situation, wasn’t proactive enough.

I really hesitated even linking to this article and rehashing all of this again. The problem for me is that this is a horrible situation and one where Duffey was found responsible for a policy violation, but I don’t recall there being a situation where the district attorney really ever considered pressing charges against Duffey so from a court’s perspective there wasn’t even sufficient evidence to bring it to a grand jury (I think that’s how this works).  Both sides have a point and there probably isn’t much of a middle ground.

 Miscellaneous . . . LandGrant Gauntlet’s Chris Ross on how halftimes will be 20 minutes, no exceptions and strict adherence to the media breaks, which should hopefully make games just a bit shorter . . . also from Ross at LGG is how the NCAA is going to be cracking down on the conduct of coaches on the sideline and how they are not allowed on the field(all bets are on Dana Holgorsen, the question is which game it will be)


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