Read | Look | Devour || 2017-07-28

What is the staff reading, looking at and devouring.

This idea is straight-up stolen from Good Beer Hunting, which is a terrific beer-focused blog. The concept seems self-explanatory, so let’s go.


Read. // Never give up on your dreams… age doesn’t matter.

Look. // Do yourself a favor and watch the De’Aaron Fox #DriveByDunkChallenge.

Devour. // We were visiting family out of town this weekend, and found ourselves at the New Braunfels Brewing Company to test out some local craft beer. NBBCo had been around since 1915 and stayed in business through Prohibition until 1925 when authorities shut them down. In 2010 the NBBCo was reincarnated, and they have some tasty wheat brews.

Michael LSRR:

Read. // Kelefa Sanneh of The New Yorker has an excellent profile of George Strait. There’s quite a bit in here that was new information to me, even as a big fan.

Look. // Someone came across illustrations of King of the Hill Animation Instructions and it’s a blast to look through. It includes reminders such as “John Redcorn is TALLER and more MUSCULAR than Hank (not to imply that Hank couldn’t kick Redcorn’s ass if he was really pissed)” and “No smiling or laughing Boomhauer”.

Devour. // We had a quick trip to Albuquerque this weekend to visit family and were introduced to Golden Pride. It originally started out serving fried chicken, BBQ chicken, and ribs. They eventually added breakfast burritos with homemade tortillas to the menu. Now, that’s their specialty. Next time you’re in the ABQ, hit one up, and get the #9 (green chile, hash browns, cheese, eggs, bacon) and the #2 (carne adovada, hashbrowns, eggs, and cheese).

Seth C:

Read. // Texas Monthly’s Skip Hollandsworth has an absolutely heart-breaking account of the fires that ripped through the Panhandle last year. You’ll need some time to get through this, but I promise you it’s worth every minute. You’ll probably also cry and it’s absolutely okay to cry.

Look. // This first one is completely silly. It’s Free Metal. The second is from a charity called Soul Hope and they make shoes out of old blue jeans. Actually, you help make shoes out of old blue jeans. You cut out the pattern and send them to Soul Hope and they finish the shoes and send them to Africa and South America to largely help with a flea that burrows itself in the feet of people who live in these countries. These fleas are called jiggers. Do not google this if you are eating lunch. These simple shoes help more than you’ll ever know and if you’re involved with a group of people, or are a teacher or church or charity, then this would be a really good thing to do.

Devour. // The Deep Ellum IPA is my go-to beer pretty much every week. I can get it at the local Buc-ees for a shade over $8.00 per six pack. I like drinking local beer and this IPA is one of the better ones that I’ve had.


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