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The Morning Stake: July 28th

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 Lubbock Avalanche Journal’s Don Williams has a roster snapshot on linebacker Brayden Stringer:

“Stringer can be an eraser at times,” defensive coordinator David Gibbs said, “and at times he flails and misses.”

However, coaches like his potential. Tech runs a base nickel defense with five defensive backs, but when the Red Raiders go with three linebackers to defend the run, Stringer could be among the three, Gibbs said. He’s in the top four linebackers with Allen, Brooks and D’Vonta Hinton.

 The always terrific Sports On Earth’s Matt Brown ranked the top 100 football ever and the 2008 game of Texas Tech 39, Texas 33 ranked #67. Brown also ranked the 10 worst games and Texas Tech ended up with the worst game from way back in 1939, Texas Tech 0, Centenary 0:

The Times reported that the game featured only 28 plays, although the NCAA counts 33 for 30 yards, with Texas Tech — which went to the Cotton Bowl the previous year — finishing with -1 yard. The ball was fumbled on 14 of these plays. One of the only compliments the Times game story could provide was that there were merely two penalties.

Most importantly, there were SEVENTY-SEVEN PUNTS, which, of course, still stands as an NCAA record. In fact, there were so many punts that it was impossible to keep track. The Shreveport Times cited 78. The AP said 75. The NCAA record book also says that Texas Tech’s Charlie Calhoun punted 33 times on first down, with 36 total punts covering 1,318 yards, and that in total the game featured 67 first-down punts.

 Miscellaneous . . . if you’d like to get mad online Big XII Country has their preseason Big 12 rankings and they have Texas Tech 10th to start the season . . . Dr. Saturday’s Nick Bromberg writes that Baylor will be rquired to make public the original cpies of all university reports of sexual assault going back to 2003. Baylor had stated that they would release “general information” but the judge said that general information simply doesn’t cut it . . . AthlonSports’ Allen Kenney ranks the top 10 non-conference games and the Texas Tech vs. Arizona State game gets the 10th ranked . . .


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