Texas Tech Preseason Camp Observations, Part II

The offense appears to be rounding into shape in terms of the first string, but after that, we’re about to find out.

We’re almost to the end of preseason camp so one last round of observations.

  • We’re slowly but surely ironing some things out in terms of the depth chart. There are certain positions that appear to be locked up, particularly on offense: WR Derrick Willies, IR Cameron Batson, LT Travis Bruffy, LG Jacob Hines, C Paul Stawarz, RT Terence Steele, IR Keke Coutee, WR Dylan Cantrell, QB Nic Shimonek, RB Justin Stockton, and FB Mason Reed.
  • That’s all but one position that appears to be set and that’s at right guard where it’s probably Jack Anderson or Madison Akamnonu.
  • Behind the starters, it’s probably a bit more murky and guys are fighting things out in terms of second and third team players. I think there are some guys that are still battling and vying for playing time.
  • We also know that Antoine Wesley is moving into one of the backup inside positions and De’Quan Bowman has been moved outside, while JoJo Robinson (I love that you capitalize both J’s in his first name) seems to be getting some mentions as an inside player. We may be completely overlooking that Robinson was a former 4-star player. We’d normally be doing back-flips for a 4-star receiver.
  • We really don’t know how the offensive line is going to shake out beyond the starters and maybe beyond Anderson or Akamnonu at the back-up right guard spot.
  • I think Justin Stockton is going to start at running back, but I also think that the running back position will not just be “a guy”. It’s going to be lots of guys. Stockton will probably start and we’ll see a combinatin of Desmond Nisby and Demarcus Felton.
  • At this point, I’m not sure what to think about the back-up receivers because we really don’t know what to think about them. I’ve been so comfortable with the starters I haven’t given them much thought beyond the starters.
  • The defense on the other hand is a bit of a different situation and I feel as if the only known starters are LB Jordyn Brooks, LB Dakota Allen, S Jah’Shawn Johnson, NB Douglas Coleman and . . .
  • This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I do think that as far as the defense is concerned, a lot of guys are neck-and-neck. That may not say much about the ability of a particular player to stand out, but it may say more about the depth.
  • With Eli Howard being out for most of the preseason practice, but the reports are that Howard, Kolin Hill, Lonzell Gilmore and Tony Jones are rounding out your defensive ends.
  • At the defensive line spot, I think we’ll be seeing Mych Thomas, Broderick Washington, Joe Wallace, Zach Barnes, Nic McCann and Houston Miller. I think the post-spring depth chart of Thomas and Washington start, but I could see Wallace start in there as well, but there’s depth there, we just don’t know who’s elevated.
  • Other that Coleman at nickelback, we’re not sure about who is starting at cornerback, but I’d guess that Desmon Smith is starting and most likely D.J. Polite-Bray gets the nod at the other spot, but I still think that the second grouping of Jaylon Lane, Octavious Morgan, Vaughnte Dorse and Justus Parker all get plenty of time.
  • Again, I think it’s a solid two-deep on the defense, but I think the best players are at linebacker and Johnson at safety. And I’m including Brayden Stringer at linebacker as being a guy that is going to be part of the rotation and I think that if the team has to play 3 linebackers, Stringer will be the third linebacker and receive significant snaps.
  • See, it’s all about depth and I do think there’s pretty good depth on defense, we just don’t know if these guys, who all seem pretty new, can play. There’s a handful of returnees, but for the most part, we’re about to find out if these guys, particularly on the line if they can play.

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