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The Morning Stake: August 22nd

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 Via Kansas City Star’s Blair Kerkhoff, the drafting of Patrick Mahomes by Kansas City was about drafting a quarterback, but also about putting pressure on Alex Smith:

Smith has always been Reid’s quarterback in Kansas City. But plans had to be made for the future.

“Unfortunately, age comes into this thing,” Reid said. “You get old in this business. At one time (Smith) was the young up-and-comer. That doesn’t mean you’re going to be replaced tomorrow.

“But this is what’s real. You’re not as young as you used to be, so you bring a guy in, and this thing keeps going. It’s life.

“He treats him (Mahomes) well, and we’re not asking him to do this. That’s not his job. We’re asking him to go win games and be the best he can be. But they talk. There’s an open communication there that’s healthy.”

 Our good friend Brian is selling his game day posters on society6 and they’re just as terrific as you remember them being.

 A-J Media’s Don Williams has an update on the Sports Performance Center, including there still being a fence around the SPC as well as the eventual installation of an art piece called “Run” and it just needs to be installed.

 Miscellaneous . . . via the Waco Tribune, yet another Title IX lawsuit for alleged failure to implement the new policies . . . LandGrant Gauntlet ranks the Big 12 quarterbacks in terms of arm strength and Nic Shimonek sorta gets an incomplete and it’s not who you’re thinking who is ranked first . . .


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