Five Post Game Thoughts: Texas Tech 56, Eastern Washington 10

A blow out win for Texas Tech as they take care of Eastern Washington.

Five Post Game Thoughts

  1. I thought the story of the game was the rush defense. Holding Eastern Washington to less than 100 yards when the game mattered (I’m writing this with 10:00 left on the clock in the 4th quarter), only 86 yards on 35 carries and 2.5 yards per rush. Those figures will change as the game wears on, but son of a son, that’s huge for a defense that couldn’t stop anyone last year.
  2. There was a huge improvement with the rushing attack, which looked efficient. The total figures will be a bit off because Shimonek lost 19 yards, but generally speaking, the offensive line moved some folks and Desmond Nisby ran for 57 yards, Justin Stockton ran for 47 yards and 2 touchdowns, Tre King had 17 yards and a touchdown and DeMarcus Felton had 30 yards.
  3. It seemed that hte pass defense struggled in spurts. There were a couple series in the second quarter where the defensive backs looked like they were struggling a bit, but overall, they held Gage Gubrud to 207 yards on 34 attempts. I’ll take that every day.
  4. Nic Shimonek seemed to pass the test quarterbacking, only missing 4 passes for the entire game, going 26 of 30 for 384 yards and 3 touchdowns. There was one pass that was nearly picked off for a pick-six, but Shimonek hit players that were wide open and the receivers made plays for him. Big plays. Lots of plays after the catch.
  5. This was a good win. I told you before the game that you should totally read something into this game because Eastern Washington is a pretty good team and everyone has had doubts about what this Texas Tech team actually is. Me included, but my “get your ass ready for unbridled optimism” is still there and I still think this team is going to surprise some folks. Thsi is going to be our little West Texas secret for now.





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