Chit Chat: Assessing the West Virginia Loss

It’s a doozy this week!

seth: Alright folks, it’s another week of Chit Chat and it’s another one that I’m not looking forward to doing, but here we go. Here’s how I’m assigning my 100 points this week.

I’ll give 25 points to the kickers because that’s an ugly thing to watch and if anything, it makes you appreciate really good kickers. I’m pretty sure that our very own Dan would try out if he still had any eligibility remaining.

I’m giving another 25 points to the penalties because holy cow ther were a lot of penalties, 16 for 159 yards is just stupid and they were on both sides of the ball. West Virginia had 7 first downs as a result of penalties. 7.

I’m giving 10 points to the offense and the defense for the 4th quarter meltdown. I’d like to blame just one side of the ball, but someone had to give up up all of those touchdowns and someone had to not score any.

I’m giving 15 points to Kingsbury because he’s got to figure out how to right the ship during the game. He’s got an entire quarter to figure things out, he’s a bright guy, but he’s got to make adjustments quicker than what he’s doing. It’ snot easy, not in any way shape or form, but that’s his job.

I’m giving 10 points to Desmond Nisby and Octavious Morgan for not playing. I don’t know why they’re not playing, maybe it’s them . . . maybe it’s the coaches, but these guys need to be on the field. They’re too talented to not be on the field.

My final 5 points goes to the refs for getting that 4th and 1 wrong. It’s still a bullshit call.

spencer: I’m giving 50 points to Barden (which could be expanded to other non-injured FG kickers). He’s missed something like his last 5 FG attempts. He’s missed XPs. He’s either in his head or not the solution. He should not be kicking the ball when points are involved.

The other 50 points go to Kingsbury. Partly for knowing about this cluster of a kicking situation and not figuring something out at this point, but mostly for leading this team to another loss after running out to a 3-score lead. His teams are continuing to fold late in games as teams figure out how to attack the Red Raiders. He’s mentioned that either he or the team is getting complacent and lack the killer instinct. This isn’t the first time it’s happened and the old coaching adage of “you’re either coaching it or allowing it to happen” comes to mind. (edited)

michael: Texas Tech is 6 for 12 on field goals this year. You don’t want to get too caught up in just three plays making the difference in the game, but had Tech connected with even one of those, it would’ve changed the course of the game.

So, #collegekickers get 50 points from me, too.

I’m giving the offense 15 points for disappearing in the second half, especially the 4th quarter.

Kingsbury is still my guy, but 25 points are handed his way for the same reasons you both have already mentioned. I can understand attempting the 2nd field goal as, in theory, it was a chip shot, but the third try was just obsurd and a horrible call. It’s not even fair to the kid at this point.

The final 10 points go to the defense for allowing 29 straight points, many of which were aided by some really terrible penalties. Any time WVU aired it out, I fully expected a DPI flag to be in the air before the camera caught up with the intended receiver.

This was one hell of a frustrating game.

briandc: I just returned from anger orbit to give my response.

35 points to the kicking game. I know it’s not all their fault, but gracious the sense of dread that comes from a 25 yard field goal attempt is terrible.

35 points goes to the offense for completely vaporizing in the 2nd half. I’m not going to give any to the defense, because they were consistently put on the field from terrible 3 & outs from the O. We’re not Alabama, if this D is left out to dry that long they’ll give up points.

20 to the coaching staff for falling flat (again) in the second half.

And, as much as I loathe being that guy, 10 to officiating. It was so god awful atrocious that something has to be said, and the calls coincided perfectly with the point swing. And I also extend the offer to have every official in that game to meet me in the steel circle so they can get the come-uppance they rightly deserve.

michael: I’ll be “that guy” with you. The “shh” motion at the end of a touchdown should not cost you 15 yards, and that was just the beginning of the cacophony of miserable whistles.


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