WATCH: Cameron Batson and Nic Shimonek Breakdown Game-Winning Touchdown

Host Robert Giovannetti talks with QB Nic Shimonek and IR Cameron Batson about the game-winning touchdown against Texas. Kingsbury had mentioned that the initial thought was that the pass was to go to Keke Coutee and Shimonek doesn’t really give an answer, more that he’s worried about Texas pushing coverage over that way not that he saw anything during the play. And truthfully, he sorta just figured that Coutee would be covered more and as they mention, it was a bit of luck that the Texas safety just fell down right before the catch. It would have been tough to complete that had that safety been up because as Batson said, he went a little flat in his route rather than towards the corner of the endzone.  Good stuff and nice listen.


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