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Eats & Bounds: Lubbock Concerts, Events, & TTU Sports – 3/08/18

Brooklyn BBQ ain’t taking over the dang world.

You will notice that with spring break coming up and none of the Tech sports team in town this weekend, the calendar is a bit bare. West Texans are resourceful folks, though, so I’m sure you’ll find something to do.


As mentioned last week, our beloved Evie Mae’s BBQ has a Prime Rib dinner usually once or twice a month. Spots are limited and you have to sign up online. I’m not sure what contest in life I won, but my wife signed us up. Take a look at this, folks:

The prime rib was cut-to-serve and was excellent, of course: great smoke flavor, tender, and just the right amount of black pepper on the crust. The potatoes were in a category of their own as a sort of loaded smoked baked potato/au gratin hybrid that was as delicious as the green beans with candied (!!!) bacon pieces. The quick pickles were a nice pairing with the beef, and so was the FREE beer. Not pictured is the peach cobbler served á la mode.

In a bit of related news, there was quite an uproar on the Twitter this week about Brooklyn BBQ.

Texas Monthly’s BBQ Editor, Daniel Vaughn, did his best to make sense of it all. In his article, the argument is made that the photo of the tray is poor.

Gill felt some guilt. “They’re getting dragged into it because of my silly photo,” he said. He shot the paltry serving of brisket on a mostly empty tray almost as an afterthought on his iPhone, probably a 5S back then, and sent it along with the photo he thought should lead the story.

A few thoughts:

  • The quality of the photo is not in question; it’s the tray itself.
  • A courtroom sketch artist could’ve drawn my tray from Friday night and gotten the point across.
  • At least pull apart the dang Hawaiian rolls after you take them out of the package.
  • How much was that “side” of gherkins? $7?
  • Could save a lot of time and money using smaller trays.
  • Toby Keith serves beer in a mason jar, which is good enough reason for no one else to ever do it.


This would be a great time to visit The Plains Brew Co.:

  • The Blue Light will have some good live music, as usual, but will be closed for spring break from 3/11-3/15
  • You could go for a run at Buffalo Springs Lake
  • (I’m really reaching here – uhh – maybe watch a sunset?)
  • Don’t forget to set your clocks and SPRING FORWARD on Sunday at 2am (sidenote: why the hell do we still do this?)
  • Watch Tech Basketball take on Texas tonight at 6pm in the Big 12 Tourney
  • Cheer on your 14-0 baseball team against UK this weekend
  • Have some bourbon while you contemplate life
  • Our friends at The Plains Brew Co. will be open Saturday from 2-9pm


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