Eats & Bounds: Tournament Edition

Going to the game(s) in Dallas? Seth has put together some great places to check out while you’re there. Also, let this be the place to set up some informal STP meet-and-greets in the comments. Let us know where you’ll be for the games(s) and mingle with your fellow STP brothers and sisters. I know that Mike and Dan are planning on making it.

Burn. The. Boats.


There will be a pre-game party at 3:30pm on Thursday (3/15) at two locations: Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar (2501 N. Harwood St.) and Happiest Hour (2616 Olive St.).

There will also be a special pep rally at the American Airlines Center plaza from 4:45-7:45 a.m. Thursday morning featuring the Goin’ Band and the Texas Tech spirit squads. The event will be shown live on WFAA, so come out and showcase the love we have for our Red Raiders!

I don’t think the pep rally times are a typo, unfortunately, so best of luck making that one.

The alumni website also has details on parking info and hotel discounts. The cutoff date for the hotel discounts is today.

It looks like Reagor Dykes and Red Raider Outfitters are also hosting a Pregame Fan Event at the W (2440 Victory Park Ln) on Thursday (3/15) from 2-6pm (hattip to Mike on that one).


Seth is our Metroplex Resident, so he came up with some great places to frequent near the arena:

The three areas I focused on were the Design District, Deep Ellum and Trinity Groves.

Design District

Note: The Design District is right across the highway from the American Airlines Center.

Community Beer Company: A delicious microbrew that probably has one of the best IPA’s I’v ever had, the Mosaic IPA. This is really a terrific brewery and if you’re needing something to do during the day, this would be a great spot.

Meddlesome Moth: Completely new and different eats and a bit upscale. This would be considered fancy.

Rodeo Goat and Wheelhouse: Casual and hamburger type of eats that are delicious. I’ve heard really good things about both of these things. Think gastropub for both of these places.

Deep Ellum

Note: Deep Ellum is kinda across the highway from downtown and a short distance from the AAC. A short Uber or cab ride.

Pecan Lodge: Probably everyone is going to try to eat there on Saturday morning. Better show up early because it will be packed.

Cane Rosso: Really terrific and wood-fired pizza. Lots of good drinks.

Braindead Brewing: Have not been here, but have heard really good things.

Pepe’s & Mito’s: This is maybe not technically in Deep Ellum and it’s a bit out of the way but it’s really good Mexican food and easy on your wallet.


Note: I don’t actually get to this part of Dallas and it’s a little bit too upscale for me

Trinity Groves: This is also relatively close to the AAC, across the great Trinity River. This is what you would call a restaurant marketplace, i.e. just a ton of restaurants in one spot for you to choose from. Everything from BBQ, Mexican, Cajun, gastropub, Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean, tapas, etc.

Thanks, Seth!


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