Texas Tech Football: Four Players Suspended Indefinitely; Midland Scrimmage Highlights

Kliff Kingsbury addressed the media and we have highlights from the Midland scrimmage.

Kliff Kingsbury Non-Transcript.

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We’re handling it internally, we have some guys that made some bad decisions, put themselves in a bad decision, they are suspended indefintiely, if you’re out here, you can see that they are getting extra work with the strength staff. Just some punishment things we do in our program. The other two guys are handling theirs in a different spot.

[All four are on the team] They are, we after reviewing with LPD we came to this place, we’re not happy with how they acted it won’t be tolerated, they all four have misdemeanors, hopefully they can learn from it and something the entire program can see and move on . . .

[Hanging around after being told to leave] Yeah it’s not what you want to see, we talked about it as a team, I watched it with LPD, there’s just a bunch of kids that hung around, they should have just left and not put yourself in that position.

[How to deter] Just try to educate, it is a great situation to learn from, you need to obey authority, guys wanted to hang out and check on their tammates, that’s not a proper response.

[Do you expect the players to miss gametime] We’re going to see, let the legal process run it’s course, as of now they are suspended indefinitely theyr’e doing their extra punishment work and we’ll go from there.

[Will the players be back before spring] We’ll see, I want to see how the legal process plays out and go from there.

[How to make this not a distraction] It’s obviously a distraction, it’s a bad look for the program and university, we have to be better as a program and it’s not someting we’re proud of and it’s not going to be tolerated, we have to be better as a program.

[How much does missing time affect Jett Duffey’s development] It’s a bad situation for him, he put himself by making a dumb decision to not get reps during a quarterback competition, I believe in Jett and I believe in the type of young man he is, but he has to stop making decisions that affect his career.

[How does this affect the reps for Alan Bowman] Alan is going to ge tmore reps, and he’s really earned them through the first 6 practices, we’re headed that ways anyways, we’re headed that way, when Jett gets back we’ll firgure it out at that point.

[Performance of Alan Bowman during spring scrimmage] That’s what we look for, a young guy just finding a way to make plays, does he move the football and make completions, he played in a similar scheme in high school, there’s a comfort level he has with our operation and his progressions that has expedited his learning curve.

[Any place that’s been banned] Yes, that the place where this ocurred, that’s newly enacted.

[Something about srping scrimmage] I liked Da’Leon’s effort, I thought he did a nice job finishing runs, he took the ball where it needs to go and I thought he took another step in his development as a running back.

It’s pretty much a given at that point, if you abuse that privilege and not handling your business then the show goes on, someone else gets your spot.

Anytime you have an incident that is an embarassment to the program, we feel like we have the staff in place people in palce that teach and coach the right things on and off the field, poor decisions by those young men, they’ve got misdemeanors and we’ll learn from it as a program.

[Anything you can do to keep them out of trouble] Just try to continue to educate them, there’s a video of it, you can show them how this can’t happen again, and grow as a program.

Gibbs Praises Leggett and Essilfie. A-J Media’s Don Williams has some intel from defensive coordinator David Gibbs where he said that Thomas Leggett played well in Midland as well as Malik Essilfie (6-3/265), a walk-on defensive end transfer from Henderson State received soem playing time because Eli Howard is limited, Noah Jones had a knee injury and Quentin Yontz had a cut on his eye. You can check out Essilfie’s Hudl highlights and I only had time to watch the first half of them where he plays guard and you get a sense as to the type of athlete he is.

Also of note is that DeMarcus Fields played both safety and cornerback in Midland, stating that his skillset is more at safety than cornerback. Williams also noted that Antoine Wesley outside in Quan Shorts spot and Donta Thompson moved inside during practice yesterday.

Midland Scrimmage Highlights.

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