Chris Beard Not Wasting Time in Offseason

Could beard add a transfer or two?

With two scholarship spots available, Texas Tech head coach Chris Beard is looking to add transfers to the roster after an Elite Eight run.

Tariq Owens (6-11/205): Owns is a graduate transfer and a rim protector who averaged 8.4 points per game, 5.9 rebounds, and an astounding 2.8 blocks per game. Owens shot 50% from the floor, 32% from the 3-point line (he only shot 37 3-pointers total) and made 69% of his free throws. Owens is a guy that is considering staying at St. John’s, so I think this would be a tough get for Texas Tech, but it would be a terrific defender. For verification, check out Owens’ T-Rank page, where he’s elite in terms of blocking shots.

Again, check out the highlights. An absolute stud as a rim protector and as his head coach, Chris Mullin, said, he is a high IQ player and can switch on every position. That’s a perfect Beard player.

Anthony Tarke (6-6/205): Tarke is the exact sort of player that Beard loves to play the perimeter. He is a small forward sort of player that averaged 15.7 points per game for NJIT, shooting 40% from the floor, 29% from the three-point line, 64% from the free throw line, averaging 6.2 rebounds per game, 2.0 assists per game, a shade under one block a game and about 1.3 steals per game. Taking a look at Tarke’s T-Rank page, he’s got the ball in his hands a ton (high usage rate) but he’s not a good shooter and I’d imagine that in his transfer year, he’d work quite a bit on that. Tarke is a good defensive rebounder and doesn’t turn the ball over that much. Again, the shooting metrics should indicate that that’s his biggest weakness

Tarke just finished his sophomore year, so he’d have a year to sit and two years to play.


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