Texas Tech Basketball Celebrates Elite Eight Appearance

A celebration of the best team in Texas Tech basketball history.

Texas Tech basketball, head coach Chris Beard, a handful of players and ESPN commentator Fran Fraschilla celebrated the Elite Eight appearance in the 2018 NCAA Tournament.

I haven’t had time to watch (I’ll try to do that tonight), but you can apparently watch the entire event right here.

A-J Media’s Carlos Silva, Jr. was at teh event and talked with Fraschilla who said that this was a really fun team for him because he got to watch guys like Keenan Evans and Zach Smith grow up (Fraschilla is from Dallas and watches a ton of high school and international basketball):

“It’s fun because in my job at ESPN, especially covering the Big 12, you really get to know not only the coaches but the players so well,” Fraschilla said. “And I watched them grow up before my eyes. This particular season, I got a chance to watch these, in some cases, guys I’ve watched for four years like Keenan (Evans) and Zach (Smith). And in other cases, guys that were like shooting stars who came out of nowhere like Jarrett (Culver) and Zhaire (Smith). … This year was fun to watch the Red Raiders.”

InsideTheRedRaiders’ Jarrett Johnson was also in attendance and he said Beard asked that the folks that were there keep it between themselves (of course now you’ll get to watch it with the link above), but said that Beard was a tour de force:

Now because Beard invoked an honor code in desiring that the details of the presentation remain confined to the inner sanctum of attendees at the celebration, I feel obliged to speak only in generalities here. But what it comes down to is this: Beard was a one-man gang up on that stage. His talk was an utter tour de force of entertainment, motivation, humor and persuasion. Beard had the audience—including yours truly—rolling in the aisles. This was a stand-up routine worthy of a packed house at the Bellagio in Vegas.

But more important than that, the insight Beard provided, and the manner in which he presented it painted a thoroughly convincing picture of what led to Tech’s historic success this past season, and tantalizingly, why Texas Tech will win a national championship in basketball in the near future.


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