What Makes a Texan, Disappointing Baseball Slump, Football Win Totals – 018

We’re back!

After returning from a trip to the Pacific Northwest, Spencer and Michael compile a list of things that make Texans unique and special. We determined that you need to at least check off 10 items on the list of 15:

  • Knows pecan is the state tree
  • Like pecan pie
  • Knows mockingbirds are the state birds
  • Hates mockingbirds
  • Owns a pickup
  • Has visited the Alamo
  • Unhealthy obsession with queso
  • Owns/flies “Come and Take It” flag
  • Primarily eats ranch dressing on salads and as a dip
  • Knows to wave on FM roads and smaller
  • Opens doors
  • All carbonated beverages are called “cokes”
  • Texas chili does not have beans
  • Love of TexMex and brisket
  • Frito Pie, bean dip, Big Red

Let us know what items you check off and what we may have missed.

The baseball team is unfortunately in the midst of a crippling slump that may see the season end much too soon if the momentum isn’t turned. The talent is there for a run in Omaha, but the team will need to be much more consistent to even make it out of the regional stage.

Win totals were released for the Big 12 this week and we look at where Tech was slated with a total of 5.5. Michael and Spencer both took the under as we go through the schedule game by game. We also quickly go over the rest of the Big 12. How in the world is Kansas and Baylor supposed to combine for a total of 8 wins?


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