2018 Game Posters : Introducing Tech Tarot

What is better than your father-in-law's barbecue?

Let’s see what the cards have in store

Welcome, welcome one and all.

After an endless summer, the harvest is nigh, and football has returned. During the off-season, we writers here at Staking The Plains tend to throw ourselves into new pursuits to better ourselves before fall inevitably consumes us. Seth continues to redefine perfection, Spencer grew a lawn, Michael is pursuing nirvana through cord cutting, Swany begun his takeover of New Orleans, and Keith decided to board our merry crew. Myself? I sought to explore the depths of man’s soul, to commune with those beyond the veil, seeking any signs to portend to the outcomes of this season. Through frozen wastes and suffocating bogs, I doggedly pursued the knowledge that none receive for free. I return to you now as Carnac the Red.

The fruits of my efforts will revealed weekly through this: my Texas Tech Tarot. Crafted from my revelations, I created this deck of cards to divine our football season, piecing together our 13 games (spoiler!) to give you an edge on Vegas.

Up first, it’s Ole Miss. And our card. . .

…The Hanged Man-Shark

This card indicates self-sacrifice, punishment, and a life in suspension. Ole Miss has had trying times in the recent past, ranging from self-imposed scholarship limits as a ploy for clemency to NCAA sanctioned bowl bans. A school of Bag Men & coaches who don’t understand university owned phones are subject to open-records requests, the Rebels are in a state of flux and can’t even decide on which mascot to use. The Tech defense will face an incredible test to open the season, but it’s a long week ahead and plenty of time for another scandal.


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