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Texas Tech Baseball

Head coach Tim Tadlock had hired former Red Raider and All-American Eric Gutierrez as a volunteer assistant coach.

“We are extremely excited for Gute to be joining our staff and program,” Tadlock said. “His work ethic & passion for the game and this university should serve our program well. Gute is one of the more diligent workers our program has ever had and he always had a knack for seeing things on the field.”

Lady Raider Basketball

On September 27th, the Lady Raiders will hold an open practice inside the United Supermarkets Arena from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. with food and drinks being provided by all attendees (TexasTech). So you get free food, an opportunity to watch an open practice, plus after that a Q&A with head coach Marlene Stollings.

Texas Tech Basketball

The Big 12 released the Big 12 schedule (TexasTech) and it opens at West Virginia (what a pleasant way to open the season!) with all games on ESPN (the Texas game is almost always on the LHN) and the Kansas game on February 2nd in Lawerence will be on CBS. Not an affiliate of CBS, but CBS and that’s a big deal. Texas Tech has somewhat arrived in a sense and it’s pretty cool to watch.

Texas Tech Football

There’s no Texas Tech news to link to today, so I’d encourage your to read ESPN’s Ivan Maisel’s story that mixes his own personal loss of his son, who committed suicide, and Tyler Hilinski’s family, the former Washington State quarterback who also committed suicide.

In her fantasy world, Kym is living on a beach with Tyler.

“I don’t know how I came up with this phrase. I always say ‘coconut and straws,’ man, ‘coconut and straws,'” Kym said, her eyes glistening, her voice catching. “We would’ve sold coconuts with straws for the rest of our lives in our swimsuits. And we would’ve been together. And nothing else would’ve mattered except he would’ve been with me, so coconut and straws.”

In her fantasy world, Kym Hilinski has kidnapped Ryan and gone to the same beach, or maybe a different one. She has taken his passport from him. He will never play football again.

“And trust me, I’ve really thought about this,” Kym said. “I’m not joking. And I say, ‘You can’t get back. You’re stuck with me.’

“I can’t do that. Right? But I have played that scenario out a few times.”

I hope those fantasies sound nonsensical to you. That would mean you’ve never lost a child.

I don’t mean to bring everyone down it’s a powerful article and one that gives me nightmares (but as Ivan writes in the article, you wake up from nightmares).


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