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The Morning Stake | 2018.09.10

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Leading Off

In the A-J Media Op-Ed, former Chancellor Robert Duncan had his first real public comments after his surprisng dismissal:

There is abundant and warranted speculation on the actions of the board of regents that led to my decision to retire. At the proper time, I will engage in those discussions. But, in the meantime, know my gratitude and devotion to Texas Tech remain great, as is my respect for the board of regents who have such a critical role in moving the system forward and meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The words/phrases “abundant” and “warranted speculation” speak mightily in regards to his dismissal. Two quotes come to mind:

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

You tell ’em I’M coming… and Hell’s coming with me, you hear?! Hell’s coming with me!
–Wyatt Earp (Tombstone)

One other housekeeping note is that I’m going to save the Primer for tomorrow. I had originally planned the Quote Board for Tuesdays as it was my recollection that Kingsbury held his press conference on Monday. Well, that hasn’t happened (watch . . . it will happen this week) giving me a post for Tuesday. Well, the way it’s structured now, LaBarre will post his recruiting post at noon and Brian will have his game poster as well. That will give us The Morning Stake tomorrow morning and also The Primer. And in case you were wondering, as of this morning, there is no line for Saturday’s game between Houston and Texas Tech.

  Texas Tech Volleyball

 Texas Tech Soccer

The ladies played two home matches, defeating Florida International 6-0, and then defeated Oregon State 4-1. On Friday in taking down FIU, Jade King, Savanna Jones, Cassie Hiatt, Kirsten Davis, Demi Koulizakis, and Brittany Martin each had a goal, while on Sunday night, Cassie Hiatt, Gwennie Puente, and McKenzie Weinert each had one, while Ally Griffin had two goals.

 Lady Raider Basketball

 Texas Tech Basketball

 Texas Tech Football

A-J Media’s Don Williams has a notebook from yesterday’s media availability, saying that head coach Kliff Kingsbury doesn’t make much out of beating Lamar by 77, acknowleding that the offense kep tturnovers down and the defense didn’t allow a score, but did not like the 14 penalties. Kingsbury also talked about Alan Bowman and how he acts when he isn’t in the game:

“I’ve said it about younger quarterbacks: You’ve got to fake it until you make it,” Kingsbury said. “Even if you’re not the leader, so to speak, a guy who’s played three or four years, you better act like it, and he does a good job of having a good presence on the sideline. Always poised, always under control, and he brings some good juice down there.”

Miscellaneous . . . Texas Tech commit Maverick McIvor, currently at San Angelo, injured his knee on Saturday and is out for the year. McIvor will graduate early and arrive at Texas Tech in December. Get well soon . . . Patrick Mahomes had 4 touchdown passes yesterday in defeating Los Angeles 38-28, and Jakeem Grant returned a kickoff 101 yards for a touchdown


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