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The Morning Stake | 2019.03.19

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Bracket Challenge. Sorry folks. No bracket sponsorship. So, head on over to CBS Sports to compete in the Staking The Plains Bracket Challenge. I think this is the same set-up we had last year. If you have problems signing up, holler at me. I can’t figure out if I need to have a password or a login for you to join. I’m going to be out of pocket most of the day today so I won’t be able to fix anything until this evening.

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Big 12 Pitcher of the Week.

Rankings. D1Baseball and BaseballAmerica have their new Top 25’s with D1Baseball having Texas Tech drop to 19 from 11 and BaseballAmerica dropping Texas Tech from 9 to 13.

Throwback Thursday.

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Learn and Burn.

USBWA Honors.

NCAA Links. I always enjoy reading The Ringer’s Mark Titus and his preview of NCAA games. This isn’t necessarily Texas Tech focused, just an enjoyable read. Tulsa World’s Guerin Emig writes about how he thinks Texas Tech will be the last team dancing in the NCAA Tournament. CBS Sports’ Chip Patterson takes a deep look at the West Region, eventually picking Texas Tech to win the West Region:

Texas Tech: When the bracket starts to bust and top seeds start to fall, the teams that usually make it to the Final Four are ones with elite coaching. Chris Beard, to me, has already proven to be an elite college coach and the Red Raiders’ deep tournament a year ago might have paved the way for this year’s team. The core of last year’s group is gone, sure, but the fact that Texas Tech can lose five of its top six scorers and still be in the hunt for a Big 12 title only reaffirms my belief in Beard and the expectation that Jarrett Culver can lead this year’s group to Minneapolis.

Texas Tech Football

Saddle Up. You can watch the first episode of the Hardknocks style of documentary, Saddle Up, that’s focused on Texas Tech football. This is very well produced. You get introduced to Seth Collins, Eli Howard, Juice Brown, and DeAndre Smith. The first episode also obviously focuses on head coach Matt Wells, who talks about his philosophy and what he wants to do and bring to the program. Collins and Howard talk about how the coaching staff really focused on the players in Lubbock rather than chase recruits. It’s almost like I had this thought yesterday (see my post from yesterday). Also, there is a focus on discipline, Alan Bowman talks about it a bit. It’s only 12 minutes and definitely worth your time. The media folks for Texas Tech are some of the best in the business and they do a great job of producing content.

Coaches Clinic. I wrote about Matt Wells’ coaching philosophy yesterday and at the end mentioned that there is a coaches clinic that Matt Wells will hold on Friday, March 29th through March 30th. Wells mentioned previously (see my post) that this is the first time in a long, long, long time for Texas Tech to hold a coaches clinic.

Hyder to the Cowboys. Congrats to Former Red Raider footballer Kerry Hyder, Jr. who signed with the Dallas Cowboys yesterday. And if you go visit Hyder’s Twitter profile, you can see that he’s all in with Texas Tech, retweets a bunch of Texas Tech stuff. That’s always fun to see.


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