Staking The Plains Bracket Challenge Update | After the Field of 64


Well, well, well. The Staking The Plains resident graphic artist and apparently NCAA-bracket-picking badass, Brian DonCarlos is sitting in first place for the Staking The Plains Bracket Challenge. For those of you who decided to pick games and actually win, I have some great news for you. Joe Fairless (a proud Red Raider), of Ashcroft Capital fame, who has helped power this blog and will continue to power this blog for a good while (thank you Ashcroft Capital!) has decided to sponsor the bracket challenge and there are prizes involved.

First Prize: $250 Gift Card to Red Raider Outfitters
Second Prize: $100 Gift Card to Red Raider Outfitters
Third Prize: $50 Gift Card to Red Raider Outfitters

Of course, we’re only a third of the way through this thing and who knows what can happen, but congrats to the top 10 or so thus far. Hopefully you can win one of the prizes and scoreboard the rest of us for the remainder of the year.


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