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The Morning Stake | 2019.04.02

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Texas Tech vs. New Mexico. A two-game series with New Mexico in Albuquerque starting tonight and ending tomorrow afternoon. These games will be on the radio in the normal ways you find them and will be streamed on the Mountain West Network. Both starters for Texas Tech are TBD, so no real insight there, while New Mexico is starting two pitchers who have a 12 and 6 ERA and I’d expect that Bryce Bonnin gets one of these starts. Following this two-game series Texas Tech will return home and host Kansas for a three-game weekend series.

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So Much Content. Yesterday, I think head coach Chris Beard made sure to hit each and every media outlet in the lower 48. He was everywhere yesterday. I don’t know that I’ll be able to cover each and every one of these things, but that’s why you all are here.

Fireside Chat.

Chris Beard from Juco Junction. This was pretty great.

Links! No time to blockquote them this morning so you just get a ton of links.

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Saddle Up. Episode 3 will be tonight at 7:30.

Baylor to Turn Over Records. Via the AP, a federal judge ruled last week that Pepper Hamilton must produce all materials related to its internal review that resulted in the 2016 summary report. This is a big deal, or will be a big deal when these documents are released.


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