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The Morning Stake | 2019.04.11

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No Third Assistant. D1 Baseball’s Kendall Rogers reported that the Big 12 will vote “no” when it comes to deciding to add a third assistant coach for baseball AND softball. The “and softball” part is significant because apparently this is a significant hold-up for the Big 12 as a whole. The story focuses on Texas AD Chris Del Conte voting no because he’s not sure of the impact on softball, but Texas Tech also voted no:

The most surprising β€˜no’ vote came from Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte. Del Conte was previously the athletic director at Rice and TCU, both schools with brand-name baseball programs, while he also serves on the Division I Baseball Committee. Furthermore, according to USA Today, the University of Texas led the nation over the last year in athletic department revenue at a whopping $214,830,647. Del Conte is the second baseball committee member to vote β€˜no’ on the proposal, with Purdue’s Mike Bobinski the other.

Oklahoma, which also voted β€˜no’ on the proposal, has one of the nation’s premier softball programs, while also having a baseball program headed the right direction with Skip Johnson leading the charge. Oklahoma’s athletic revenue for the last year ranks seventh nationally at $155,238,481. Texas Tech, which has reached the College World Series two of the last three seasons, also was a β€˜no’ vote on the proposal. The Red Raiders rank 43rd nationally in revenue at $88,804,476. We spoke with Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt, who said he preferred the money for a third assistant in baseball and softball be used for other items such as student wellness or improved grant-in-aid.

I don’t know enough about this situation to have a real informed opinion, but it would seem like a third paid assistant would be good for coaches. I would think that there’s not going to be any services not received by student athletes for a third paid assistant, but I’m also not in charge of an athletic department budget.

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Thank You.

Zhaire Goes for 17 for Sixers.

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Saddle Up, Episode 4. This week of Saddle Up focused on strength and conditioning coach, Dave Scholz, the offensive line coach, Steve Farmer, and running backs coach, DeAndre Smith. You get a taste of what each of them are like as coaches and Farmer has good things to say about Terence Steele and Travis Bruffy, and that Steele is going to be your left tackle. Smith talked a lot about Ta’Zhawn Henry and SaRodorick Thompson and how special they are, Henry has had a very rough upbringing, only his grandmother is his family, and Thompson has a combination of skills that are rare. Scholz talked a lot about flexibility and if you watch any of his Twitter videos, it focuses almost entirely on flexibility.

Spring Scrimmage. The spring scrimmage in Frisco will be at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday at the Star, just like the last few years. I’ll be there, reporting live. From looking at the forecast it’s supposed to rain in the morning for sure and then taper off in the afternoon. I guess we’ll see. The last few years, I’ve planted myself at a spot to hang out for a bit, but this year, I’m probably not going to do that. However, if you see me, please say hello and let’s talk some football.


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