Texas Tech Baseball Wins 2019 Big 12 Title

Last night, with an 8-4 win over TCU, Texas Tech (36-15, 16-8) won their third in four years Big 12 Championship. Head coach Tim Tadlock praised his coaching staff and the team, mentioning that Bryce Bonnin was really good early, Tyler Floyd, taking him out after the 8th was more about doing right by him, because he had pitched on Monday. Of course Tadlock mentioned how cool it was that Cameron Warren had a triple in his last home game. Just good times and good feelings abound.

There was also a potential interesting scenario where if Texas Tech had lost, there was a chance that Baylor would have essentially won the Big 12 title by percentage points. Interestingly, the Big 12 title isn’t decided by number of wins, but winning percentage. Baylor and Oklahoma State canceled their game yesterday (which the Oklahoma State softball team got a game in after they cancelled), which means that Baylor and Oklahoma State only played 2 games.

So, had Texas Tech lost yesterday, Baylor would have won by percentage points, 63.64% for Baylor to 62.5%. With Texas Tech’s Saturday win against TCU, Texas Tech’s winning percentage was 66.67%. Tadlock even goes on to say that there’s no reason why Baylor and Oklahoma State could have played on Monday in Oklahoma City, if it is deciding a conference championship. Tadlock said that if they could play on Monday, they’d play if it meant finishing things out to determine a Big 12 champion (shots fired). “You want to do what’s right for the league.”

When there are highlights, I’ll update this post.

The Big 12 Tournament starts on Wednesday, I should note that there are only 8 teams that end up playing in the Big 12 Tournament in Oklahoma City (since Iowa State doesn’t field a baseball team), the last place team stays at home. This year, that last place team is Texas. Yes, the program with all of the resources a program could want finished with a conference record of 7-16.

One more quick aside, this is the fourth Big 12 Title for a men’s sport this spring. The men’s track team won the indoor and outdoor titles, men’s basketball won their title, and now baseball.


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