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The Morning Stake | 2019.05.30

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50 Yard Line Faxed Menu. This goes back a ways, all the way back to the other blog, but when former head coach Tommy Tuberville snuck out of the 50 Yard Line in order to take the Cincinnati job, our very own Kenneth Washburn, a commentor at the time (KWash) decided to fax Tuberville the menu to the 50 Yard Line on Tuberville’s first National Signing Day at Cincy. At the time, we (I mean this in the community sense) made national news. As you may, or may not know, the 50 Yard Line is set to close their doors, hence the recollection of the fond memories.

KWash will be on the Rob Breaux Show today at 9:37 a.m. Don’t be late. They run a mean clock. You may tune in to KKAM and there’s an app that you can download (link is there).

This was literally the fax that KWash sent (cover page, 1st page, and 2nd page):

Date: 2-06-2013

From: Texas Tech Nation

To: Tommy Tuberville and staff.

MEMO Was thinking of you. . . We will miss you . . . Here is an intent letter to remember us by

Signed XoXXOOxxoo WreckEmTech

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Preview. The official site has the official preview, but there’s no pitching match-ups mentioned. I’d imagine that head coach Tim Tadlock will be perhaps announce at the regional press conference.

Roundtable. D1Baseball has a roundtable of different items, including the eight teams they think will make it to Omaha and Eric Sorenson thinks Texas Tech wins the title over UCLA and Vanderbilt.

Taking It All On. A-J Media’s Don Williams has a preview of the four teams in the Lubbock Regional.

Texas Tech Basketball

Ntambwe Official. The thirteenth and final roster spot is in fact taken by UNLV transfer Joel Ntambwe.

Texas Tech Football

Offering Texas High SChoolers. This is interesting to me.


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