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The Morning Stake | 2019.08.14

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Bud Light Can. So Texas Tech is partnering with Bud Light and they have their own Bud Light can and I would link to it, but Darren Rovell I think had the first tweet and I refuse to embed a Darren Rovell tweet at STP. I do have standards. You’ll just have to go find it or imagine it (it’s not that unique).

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Bahamas. You can just go check out all of the Twitter from Texas Tech basketball, but on their first day in the Bahamas, it looks like a good time. Not going to post it all, but go check it out. As an aside, I wish they would have a good time while they are there, they all look miserable.

Agbo’s Coach. RedRaiderSports’ Ben Golan talked with newest commit Chibuzo Agbo’s high school coach abotu the type of player Texas Tech can expect and what he’s like to coach (among other things):

How has Agbo grown since his freshman season to now on and off the court? What’s it been like to coach him?
Haupt: “He’s always been talented, and I think what’s really been impressive to watch is when you looked at Chibuzo as a freshman he didn’t look like a freshman. He’s always been kind of a big, strong kid so what’s difficult in those situations sometimes is there’s a lot more pressure on a young man, even before maybe they’re ready for it.

I think what’s been great about Chibuzo is he’s been with our program, we’re one of the best teams typically in San Diego, so he’s had to grow up in that situation where a lot has been expected of him and the way he’s handled that, the poise he’s handled that with has been fantastic.”

#14. CBS Sports’ Gary Parrish ranks the top 25 all of the time and recently updated his top 25 list and has Texas Tech #14.

Texas Tech Football

Practice Things.

Deaton in the Middle. A-J Media’s Don Williams reiterates what was said yesterday by head coach Matt Wells, that Dawson Deaton has been at center this preseason camp and also discusses how the defensive line has disrupted the offense this spring:

“Across the board, the D-line, coach (Paul) Randolph’s group, they talk about disrupting up front,” offensive coordinator David Yost said. “They do that on a pretty high rate, as far as pushing through gaps, causing penetration, getting guys off of space. It’s a good challenge for our guys, being able to handle that. That D-line has been really, really tough.”

Heisman Hopeful. Athlon Sports’ Bryan Fischer ranks the Big 12 Heisman candidates and Alan Bowman is at #6 overall (I’m telling you right now that Bowman is going to be better [and not just by a little bit] than Charlie Brewer):

Injuries derailed a good chunk of Bowman’s freshman season but when he was in the lineup, he put up some monster numbers and looked like the next great Tech quarterback. The incoming staff shouldn’t do anything to change his trajectory and he could benefit from a much more well-rounded perspective from new head coach Matt Wells and his staff. Should Bowman keep slinging it around the field like he was, there’s no telling what kind of campaign he could assemble from Lubbock to the Big Apple.

Jeffers Hopes for Defensive Turnaround. RedRaiderSports’ Billy Watson writes about how linebacker Riko Jeffers hopes that he’s the one that can help turn around the defense:

“During our spring (camp),” Jeffers said, “we didn’t get all the way through it because we have so much defense, but during this fall camp, we’ll be able to get into our nickel, stuff like that, and be able to change it up for the offense and show then new looks.”

Jeffers said he wants to see a lot of communication with the defense from day one and throughout training camp.

“Being able to vocalize and tell people what they need to do,” Jeffers said, “in the heap of the moment because with the new scheme that we have, we have to communicate. We have to let each other know what’s going on because we’re all moving really fast.”

Miscellaneous . . . NY Times’ Benjamin Hoffman writes aout the Air Raid in the NFL with a focus on Kliff Kingsbury and while I think that the NFL is definitely gong to introduce Air Raid principals, I don’t think the NFL is ready to go all Air Raid all of the time . . .


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