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The Morning Stake | 2019.09.27

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Let’s Go Together. Via CBC, this urinal dates back to 1916 in Vancouver and when you go you almost have no choice but to look your mate right in the eyes:

The unsuspecting men who are blindsided by its design must stand upright, a hair’s distance from each other, and count down the seconds while nature takes its course.

“You’re out there next to somebody who you’ve never met before and have to basically look them in the eyes,” said Straw, a 36-year-old lawyer.

“In my long and storied bathroom career, I have never seen anything like that before.”

For decades, the twin urinal has befuddled thousands of men who have streamed through Heritage Hall’s basement bathroom. And that notoriety has spilled outside of the restroom’s marble walls, turning the urinal into a bona fide historical attraction.


You can thank John Shanks for its cozy construction. The Scottish plumber patented more than a hundred urinal designs in the 19th century, when safe sewage disposal was essential amid cholera and typhus outbreaks, Menzies said.

One of Shanks’ “twin twinklers,” as Menzies calls it, ended up in Heritage Hall. In a biography of the building, an architect speculated the urinal may have been an industrial fitting during the building’s early post office days.

Texas Tech Volleyball

Texas Tech Soccer

No. 25 Texas Tech 1, No. 18 Oklahoma State 0. Awesome opening conference win for Coach Stone and the ladies here.

Texas Tech Track and Field

Texas Tech Tennis

Texas Tech Softball

Lady Raider Basketball

Texas Tech Basketball

Davide Denied.

Remembering Andre. Awesome work from David Collier.

Texas Tech Football

Remembering Holub and Parks.

Uniform Combination.

Captains. Travis Bruffy, SaRodorick Thompson, Riko Jeffers, and Jack Anderson

Tyner & Duffey Plan. A-J Media’s Don Williams writes about the plan for quarterbacks Jackson Tyner and Jett Duffey:

“I don’t know if it’s condensed,” offensive coordinator David Yost said Tuesday. “It’s kind of just (going) in some different directions over what we felt Alan did really well, what he felt comfortable with, compared to these guys.

“It’s different, and then with … the plan of them both playing, you don’t need 70 snaps for each guy, because that’s not how it’s going to probably go. So what you do is kind of condense it down into their package and what they do best so you can focus on that and give them the best chance to be successful.”

Since Matt Wells’ staff arrived, they’ve charted everything this week’s quarterback options have done — since spring drills in Duffey’s case, since he arrived as a graduate transfer for preseason practice, in Tyner’s. They looked at what plays each executed best, where they’ve been most efficient and backed it up with what the data showed.

And then they’ve had plenty of give and take with each guy.

“Right now, how we’ve been approaching it is they’re both going to play,” Yost said. “It’s just now putting them in position to be as successful as we can — with what they feel most comfortable with, what they can execute at the highest rate and where we can create explosive plays to give us a chance to go score points.

“When you play a team that’s this explosive, part of our job is to score points, too. It’s not just to not do anything wrong, but we’ve got to go make plays.”

Previewing. AthlonSports’ Allen Kenney previews Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma:

Tech’s defenders appear energized by the system installed this offseason by new defensive coordinator Keith Patterson. None has stepped up his game more than do-everything linebacker Jordyn Brooks, who has tallied 35 tackles through three games.

Brooks and his teammates will have their hands full trying to stop an OU offense that is steamrolling teams on the ground. In their first three games, the Sooners averaged 8.3 yards per rush, the most in the country. Overall, OU is picking up an average of 10.5 yards every time the offense snaps the ball, so forcing senior quarterback Jalen Hurts to throw doesn’t necessarily represent a more desirable option.


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