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The Morning Stake | 2019.09.03

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Scrubs. Via The Ringer, an appreciation of the show Scrubs overall and Dr. Cox. Scrubs was smart, funny, sad, poignant and even at times complete fantasy as you would at times step into the imaginations of some of the characters. That’s a difficult thing to pull off (I did change the quote slightly so you are not hit with an f-bomb this early in the morning):

No show has ever been better than Scrubs at pivoting from being totally and completely silly in one moment to dropping a ####ing anvil of sadness on your chest in the next. It’s remarkable how great every character was at doing that exact thing. Even on your third, fourth, and fifth rewatch, they’re still able to sweep your feet out from under you. Judy Reyes as Carla could do it (you can see her do it in a sad way in this scene where she has to say goodbye to someone she loves). Zach Braff as J.D. could do it (you can see him do it in a happy way in this scene where he watches his future play out on a projector screen). Dr. Cox could do it (more on this in a minute). Even several of the guest stars could do it (you can see Glynn Turman do it in a substantial way in this scene where he plays a guy who struggles with accepting that he’s going to die).

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Adams Receives Raise. A-J Media’s Don Williams writes that Texas Tech associate head coach Mark Adams has signed a new two-year contract that will pay him $462,917 and $505,000, which would make him the second highest paid assistant coach in the nation. The new deal also has a buyout of $200,000 if he goes to another Big 12 staff with varying and lesser amounts if he leaves between a certain date or to an NBA team. Both Brian Burg and new assistant Ulric Maligi will each make $300,000

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Cartwells. Taylor Peters and head coach Matt Wells (Taylor is very impressed she missed the blockades at the 0:50 mark or so).

Yost Media Scrum. This was from Tuesday and offensive coordinator David Yost says that Jett Duffey graded out in the 70’s, but doesn’t really ever want to be below the 80’s, even against tougher competition. So yeah, I think that Duffey was probably a C and that if the quarterback plays below a B then you’re probably not going to win or do well.


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